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  1. I"m really enjoying the Egg. Since my last post I've don't 2 turkeys, a Brisket and some steaks in-between. The turkeys were awesome. The brisket was over cooked. I ran out of fire and had to restart it right when I was coming out of the stall. A bunch of lessons learned on that. And, maybe the biggest was brisket is a lot of work. Compared to a good, easy ribeye I'm not feeling the brisket love. Thanks for all the input. It's an amazing cooker and the accessories really improve the set up. The photo is from tonight's cook. The lamb was amazing. Dave
  2. Excellent. Thanks for the info on the vent. I will fix it this weekend. I also appreciate the fire safety tip. Are you looking for anything in particular like a crack in the egg or just a general safety check. Thanks, Dave
  3. Great idea on the pumpkin soup. Yes, I'm really enjoying the set up and received all the accessories from Tom. Very good suggestions on what to get. I'm going to try a turkey this weekend. Anyway, the vent at the bottom of the egg doesn't close all the way. Is that normal? With the top vent closed down and the bottom closed as much as possible the coals still burn at about 250. That doesn't seem right. Thanks, Dave
  4. Excellent tip. My problem was not enough coals. I followed your advice and had a completely different situation with figuring out how to keep the fire under control. Awesome. My wife spent a fair amount of time in Japan and wanted to try grilled Japanese pumpkin (top left in photo). It was amazing. For meat we did steak and salmon. The extra heat did the trick. No photos of the meat. When it was ready...it was time to eat. I appreciate the help. Dave
  5. Thanks everyone. The table was purchased from Tim @ http://www.outdoorkitchenequip.com/products It sounds like this is a side business for Tim. His main gig is restaurant equipment fabrication. This must be his creative, hobby, side biz. I really am impressed with the table and Tim was easy to deal with...to the point, no red tape, no BS. Even the shipping to Hawaii was more reasonable than I expected...truck to CA, put on a boat, then deliver to my house for $500. They packed it up so well. The overall experience was first rate.
  6. Here's some photos from the maiden. It's probably been 25 years since I've cooked with coals. Way too long. I figured out how to regulate the temp like an oven. That was simple and the veggies were perfect. But, I failed to get the temp up high enough to char the steak with pleasing grill marks and sizzle flavors. Towards the end I ran out of coal power but everything was mostly cooked. It was a very enjoyable first run and l'm looking forward to a long term relationship with this new hobby.
  7. Alright, alright... I took the day off to receive the table and set up the egg. The table is great American quality. The BGE is first class too. I didn't blow out my back with the egg. 197 pounds the box said. How's that Flame Boss 400 working out for you? I missed the boat on the 300. I could get a 400 or wait for the 500 which allows for 3 probes. Regarding the wind proof lighter suggestion. How would something like the KamadoJoe KJ-ES Electric Starter work out? Damn it...I should have checked this thread before picking up the egg. I gave in to the sales guys enthusiasm against my better judgement. Oh well. I'll give Tom a call tomorrow at CGS. What about the KAB Adjustable Divider...no need? I'm going to run down to Costco and get some ribeyes so I can fire this puppy up tonight. Thanks for the help. DF
  8. Cool, thanks. Back in the mid 1990's my wife and I checked out Austin to see if we would have better job opportunities and lower cost of living than Hawaii. We were surprised to see that the housing costs were about the same and decided to stay in Hawaii. Austin is a cool place though.
  9. Great, that sounds good. Sometimes I overthink stuff. But, that usually leads to good decisions. I will be ordering a stainless table tomorrow from outdoorkitchenequip.com Shipping to Hawaii was pretty reasonable. I'll go forward with the Egg purchase when the table is getting close. Have a good week and thanks for the help. Dave
  10. OK great, thanks for the tips. I'm all in. What about the Kick Ash thing and folding / stacking grates? I'd like the ash cleaning process to be quick. (Don't have a shop vac). I appreciate the help. Dave
  11. Sometimes it does. It's kind of weird but the beauty becomes normal. It's not like I wake up on vacation. Like all of us...I've paid my dues and I'm just trying to do my best. I was born in the swamp in Louisiana and somehow made Hawaii my home. I'm not sure exactly how or why but so far it's all worked out. Friday nights I drink a little to help me come down from the self induced stress of the week. So, forgive me if I'm getting freaky. Later, Dave
  12. Sweet fellows. I'm going to rock it. What accessories do I need to do it right? Thanks, Dave
  13. Hi everyone, I'm almost 50 and realized I've been working too hard and not enjoying life enough. I plan to get a large BGE as a gift to myself. I live on Kaneohe Bay....across the mountain from Honolulu. We often have pretty stiff trade winds and it's not unusual to have 15 to 20 mph winds. Over the years I've had my gas grills blow out even with the lid closed. How much of a problem will it be to get a fire started in stiff winds? It seems like the BGE is pretty sealed up so I'm assuming it won't be too much of an issue once the fire is going. Thanks for the help. Dave
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