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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome! Heya! this is the one i followed: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/steamed-bao-buns (although i didn't let it prove for as long as they say cos... ya know... kids + hunger = trolls) Thanks! The wood I used is Macrocarpa which is a type of Cypress i think. I wanted to do Cedar but the bank account said no (we have some odd prices here in NZ compared to the rest of the world) Yeah totally. Once I had soldered it all together and got my head around the settings its been rock solid and only a fraction of the price of similar off-the-shelf products that do less. I'm a big fan, although my buddies call it the 'vape machine' ... yikes.
  2. Howdy from Wellington, New Zealand! In 2018 I purchased a KJ Classic II and its been going good ever since. (And apparently I made an account here at about that time also... not that I can remember!). I finally shifted my bbq into its table i built over last winter, and into its new home on the deck. I tend to cook things that are small-child friendly (so I have to go easy on the pepper and spice, and sometimes we have to eat before things are perfect-perfect ). Latest creation is beef cheeks served in home made Bao Buns. Nom nom. I'm also a bit of a nerd, so i tend to use a heatermeter for the longer cooks. Cheers!
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