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  1. Well, my concern is that this "upgrade" is more a downgrade, but only forced by kamado Joe so it's cheaper for them to adhere to warranties. The single piece is a lot better,in my opinion. Easier to clean, less fiddly, no warping metal ring, lot easier to put together, etc. I've cooked on my "upgraded" firebox 6 times since I got it a few weeks ago and will be calling the place I got it from to see if I can get it replaced. Just because kamado Joe call it an upgrade it doesn't make it so - seems more like a marketing ploy.
  2. Okay that sounds like my temp should have been marginally higher. I'll aim for setting it up between 275 and 300. I'm from Argentina and traditionally we only put salt on our ribs (not even pepper).. just trying to replicate our usual cooks as close as possible.. So a higher temperature and a longer cook. The ribs turned out great, but the fat wasn't completely rendered. Would it be worthwhile finishing them at a higher heat to get the bark to crust, or will this just dry them/harden them up?
  3. hi all, While I've used my KJ a few times to cook high and fast (chicken, stake, etc). i had a go at my first low and slow last weekend when I got a rack of short ribs (around 2lbs of). I got the temp steady at 250, covered the ribs with salt (nothing else), and put them in the middle of the grill. i put the ribs on the grill at around 1:15pm. Temperature of the ribs climbed steadily until it reached 150-160F at around 5pm, and i thought it would continue doing so at the same rate. However, the temperature stopped climbing and kind of just stayed there.. By 6:30, it had only moved one or two degrees. We ate them as they were, and albeit being really delicious, I feel like they needed more time in the grill.. Now, my question is: Unfortunately I won't have another chance of trialing another low and slow again until I have a big group of people over in a couple of weeks. if I want to get a crunchier/drier bark, do I raise the temp, or just leave them in the KJ for longer? I know it's probably too difficult to say how much longer they'd have needed, but if you were to guess, should I have started the cook first thing in the morning to realistically have dinner by 7pm?
  4. hi @Beermachine - where did you hear that? I'll post if it does. hopefully it's covered by KJ warranty!
  5. I've only used heat deflectors once and didn't cover them, as i had read that flipping them over between cooks keeps them clean. I don't subscribe to this and personally, I will foil them to keep them clean as much as I can! FWIW, I also wash the griddle clean and pull the KJ apart to clean thoroughly/vacuum ashes/etc. after every use..
  6. That's a bit silly! I'd have thought the top and bottom tiers would be the same size!
  7. hi all just wondering if anyone has experiences cooking on the kamado joe using 3 tiers of griddle space. i have just bought a KJ classic and a c&c kit with it; i could potentially use the half-moon griddles on the bottom, just above the heat deflectors, the one-piece griddle in the top setting, and the grill expander on top. i'm doing a low and slow smoke of short ribs for about 15 people in a few weeks and just trying to figure out how to fit it all in! will setting it up this way impact the way the meat is cooked, influence the time, temperature, etc? thanks team!
  8. Thanks mate! It's actually 10kg.. I got it wrong! - around 20lbs should hopefully last a cook or two!
  9. Ok so I got my original black kamado joe at home. Took a bit of work but managed to lift it out of the car! Anyway once I got it home I realised that it has the new 5 piece firebox instead of the one piece one. The guys at the store said that they'll order in the one piece firebox and send it over to me, but to keep this one and use it if I wanted..... My question is.. is the new fire box supposed to fit the old kamado? I only ask because there is a good 1/3 - 1/4 of an inch gap between each panel.... I'll take a picture and send upload it.... Not sure if it's something I put together wrong or if it's supposed to be this way?
  10. Hi team! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped decide on which Joe to go for. Just picked up my brand new kamado joe (original classic), with a divide and conquer kit and a two half moon heat deflector. Picked it up in Melbourne Australia for AU$1000, including a 5kg bag of KJ lump charcoal. Not a bad deal I thought! Will be taking it home tonight and after I figure out how to get it home I'll be breaking it in with some chicken thighs for dinner.. Photos to come!
  11. FYI - @Polar Bear and any aussies around. BBQ Galore are having a 20% off sale as predicted above. Sale ends this Sunday so it's a good time to grab a Kamado Joe if you're in the market! I'll be picking mine up this week! :D
  12. Thanks all for your replies.. couldn't agree more re: waiting for next model being a neverending chase! Bbq galore in Australia generally have a 20% off sale around this time of the year (they have done so over the last 3 years) and I just called them and they told me while they don't have exact details, they're expecting one over the next couple of weeks, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and might go for the Joe classic with d&c! Looking forward to breaking it in!
  13. Thanks @Polar Bearfor your thorough response! I gave bbq galore a call earlier and they said they're expecting a sale in approximately 2 weeks however do not have many details as yet. will keep an eye out for this! either that, or possibly black friday sales if we get them? if 20% might be worthwhile getting the D&C kamado - else the classic/old kamado joe with a one piece deflector would be perfect and an exact replica to what I had with my BGE, which I miss dearly.
  14. hi all! Wonderful advise, thank you kindly for your time in explaining the differences. If the original KJ is equivalent to the BGE, then that's good enough for me! as @retfr8flyr suggested, getting the original black KJ and a d&c kit might be the most cost effective solution! will hang tight until black friday sales and see if i can pick up a bargain!!
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