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  1. I'd say that a crack in that location is pretty much "normal'. Happening in a week is certainly a short time. However, I have a Pro S with an almost identical crack. Not sure how long I had the grill before it occurred. Be that as it may be, that crack has existed for more than a year on mine with no adverse effects whatsoever. I cook low and slow, grill in the 400 degree range and also sear at 600 degrees plus. No problems. GaTom
  2. I cooked last weekend using Kingsford Professional Briquets in my Vision Pro S Kamado grill. They are touted as “great for ceramic grills” hot burning and low ash. The first thing I noticed was how much smoke they made as they were lighting up. I use Light-A-Fire fire starters and Never had that much smoking with any lump charcoal. After about 30 minutes the fire was as I wanted.However I never noticed any “hot burning”. My judgment was that the fire was about equally as hot as when I grill/smoke with lump (Royal Oak -Cowboy). Certainly no hotter. As to the low ash formula, that too is in Kingsford’d imagination. The ash is not excessive, and I could easily live with the amount produced. However, it produces much more ash than lump. I’m attaching two photos. One is Royal Oak Lump, and the other Kingsford Pro. Both are after one cook. The RO has very low ash, but has many small pieces of Charcoal that fell into my ash drawer. The Kingsford is nearly free of any charcoal pieces, but the ash pretty well equals the amount of ash and charcoal pieces in the RO. So, I can rid my ash drawer of charcoal pieces but they are replaced by ash. Outside the smoking, the Kingsford Briquets performed well in keeping a consistent temperature and a very satisfactory overall experience. BUT.. there is always a but. The Kingsford Pro Briquets are very, very expensive to order on line; and I cannot find any place where that are sold locally. Not Home Depot or Lowes. Kingsford emailed that they are sold at CVS and Target. Not. So even if I liked them I can’t find them anywhere that is even close to affordable. I’ll be buying lump; per the ckreef epic post above.
  3. Thanks. Good to know; and as you point out the Vision Grills have a very large ash drawer. I'll report after I use the pro.
  4. Thanks to both of you. It seems as if most of my cleanup is small pieces of charcoal; with not that much ash. That being one of the reasons for my question. I'm usually using Cowboy Lump and have used Royal Oak. Cowboy burns great, keeps on truckin throughout the burn; and not much ash. However there are too many small pieces of charcoal falling through my kick ash basket into the ash drawer below. And, when I get towards the bottom of the bag there seems to be nothing but small pieces and plenty of dust. I guess that I will try the Kingsford professional and hope that it is better than m-fine's experience. I'll report my experience.
  5. Has anyone had experience using KINGSFORD PROFESSIONAL BRIQUETS with a Vision Kamodo? I have a love/hate relationship with the lump charcoal we use for grilling and smoking in our Kamado grills (mine is a Vision Pro S). Most of my lump charcoal bags contain about 10% chips/dust and another 30%+ small pieces. These mostly fall through the grate/kick ash basket, don’t light and have to be cleaned up with the ash. So most of the lump works as it should, but there is a lot of waste and extra cleanup. If Kingsford Pro Briquets really work well in a ceramic grill/smoker I would certainly be interested in using them vs. the lump. It seems that one would get more useable charcoal and possibly less useless cleanup. Kingsford’s claim is that their pro briquets are “Made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients and premium wood char to ensure professional-quality results. They provide a hotter burn that’s perfect for searing flavor into any of your favorite meats. They also feature Kingsford’s lowest ash formula, making them great for ceramic grills and smokers.” Evidence that this charcoal works as advertised is seen on the Kingsford web page. There are 479 reviews, 420 of which are 5 star. Naturally most do not involve Kamado type grills, but there is confirmation that the product works well. So, does anyone use these briquets; and if so, how would you rate them?
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