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  1. Academy Sports lists B&B 20lbs for $12.99. I'll get it there. They also have curbside pickup and will load it into your car after paying online. In/out under 2 minutes!
  2. Is Walmart no longer carrying B&B? My stores here in GA have all the spring stuff out including grills, smokers and related goodies but no B&B or a place on the shelves for it.
  3. My grocer (Ingles) sells pork butt two ways. Vacuum packed in a liquid solution and ageing. By ageing I mean the butt has been removed from its wrapper and allowed to air dry in the meat case. I’d say that they stay this way in the meat case a few days based on how dry and slightly darker the butt looks. I love to dry-age 2-inch thick ribeye steaks as they seem to be more tender with concentrated flavoring. Which butt should I get? Does the dry ageing of butts mimic the dry ageing of beef?
  4. What’s the purpose of the ceramic spacers?
  5. Thanks John! I hope the Smoke goes on sale before Thanksgiving.
  6. Oh. My. Gawd!!! I sooo gotta do this! BRAVO!!! Your workmanship is outstanding!!!
  7. Thanks Bob! Ain't nothing like a thin-crusted wood fired san marzano tomato, bufala, fresh basil, garlic pie!
  8. Hello!!! I just purchased a used Vision Classic B Grill and can't wait to fire (smoke) it up! I have been a Weber gas grill owner all my life and have always wanted to make the jump to "low and slow" cooking. I know absolutely nothing about this type of cooking and found you guys here on the web! I was told to do a "clean burn" by the previous owner and will do that in a few days after researching the proper way to do it. Any videos/books ya'll can point me to so I can learn about this amazing way to cook? Thanks!
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