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  1. After one years use the double decker grill that came with my 24" Pit Boss was starting to come apart in places. I ordered the Adjustable Rig with XL Crossbars Combo from the Ceramic Grill Store. They use FedEx for shipping but I work for the US Navy in Sasebo Japan and only have access to USPS but they worked with me to get it here, great customer service! I got the unit yesterday and all I can say is very impressive! That is one heavy, industrial sucker, the fit and finish are wonderful. So many more options in this system than the stock Pit Boss grills. Great job Ceramic Grill Store, you hit a home run with this product!
  2. New user, had my Pit Boss for about a year. I grill several times a week, used lots of KJ Big Block, never had any trouble with it. I do the same thing that someone else in the discussion mentioned, I put the really big lumps on the bottom so the ash grate doesn't get plugged up. For my two cents I think it's good lump.
  3. I've had a Pit Boss 24" for about nine months now and love it! I live in Japan so I was limited in my choices, they carry the Pit Boss kamado's at Costco here so bought one. I was prepared to add gasket material to the vents, I'd heard you have to with the Pit Boss but without any modifications I have no trouble holding a 230 degree low and slow cook. That said I do think the Kamado Joe "Divide and Conquer" system has a lot of merit, I'm considering purchasing an after market unit that will allow me to do this.
  4. I'll be working on Christmas but for Christmas eve dinner I'm doing a low and slow 6lb smoked chuck roast. Did my first one on my Kamado a few weeks ago and neither my wife nor I could believe how delicious it was! Also the first time I included coffee in my rub. Love the flavor and the bark was amazing.
  5. I'm also a newbie but so far have always run my deflector stone on the low setting on my PB24. Also unless I'm searing steaks I use both the upper and lower grills and put the meat on the upper with my drip pan on the lower grill. I think I get a more even heat that way.
  6. Must just be lucky but I haven't made this mod to my PB24 and it runs great. No problem holding the temp at 225F-or even less-and when I shut both vents the lump goes out quickly.
  7. My wife purchased two very on sale chuck steaks that are only 1/2" to 3/4" thick, any suggestions on how to cook these on my kamado without turning them into shoe leather?!?
  8. Hi Keeperovdeflame-No you really don't see Kamado grills here in Japan, the Navy Exchange on base carries one model of Kamado Joe and Costco here carries the Pit Boss 24 but I've never seen any other Kamado grills here. Japanese use simple open grills with no lid, lighter cross hatched grates (so the small pieces of meat they use won't fall through) and lump charcoal. My Japanese neighbors have been really impressed with my cooking efforts!
  9. Hi everyone, new to kamado grilling but really enjoying it so far. I work at the US Navy base in Sasebo, Japan. We have a Costco a couple of hours from here so this August I purchased a Pit Boss 24. Love it so far! I've seared steaks, roasted a prime rib, grilled chicken wings and smoked a salmon and a Boston Butt for pulled pork. After reading comments about the Pit Boss kamados I thought I'd have to add gasket material at the vents but I haven't had any problems holding low and slow temps. Anyway looking forward to learning from all of you and joining this amazing community!
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