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  1. Thanks for the reply mate, I thought it was a great video, didn't drag on too long but showed all the relevant points. I've subscribed and look forward to your next cook!
  2. Nice cook! It would have been nice to see another shot of your fire once it was going, just always curious to see how others set up their Akorns. Also, i've never bothered to bank the fire as I thought the heat deflector did a pretty good job. Have you found a lot of benefit banking? Cheers!
  3. They look great! What wood did you use for the smoke?
  4. Looks awesome, I was a little surprised at the lack of lamb on here, absolutely love it and perfect for this style of cooking. We visited the US in fall, so I can absolutely agree with you on that, absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Just to chime in, one advantage I have found with a digital thermometer rather than the dome one, is that it has a much quicker refresh time, so I can tell much earlier which way the temp is trending if any, which has assisted me greatly with learning my vent positions. I imagine for seasoned users this isn't really necessary, but it's helped me hugely. When relying on the dome thermometer, it was like steering a large boat, by the time it had caught up, we were already too far gone.
  6. That looks incredible. Google tells me grits is like a cornmeal porridge, is that correct?
  7. @keeperovdeflamemate that's fantastic, thanks so much! Will have a chat with them and hopefully they can help me out, though now I'm incredibly jealous and think maybe a move to San Diego might be in order Thanks again.
  8. Hi All, Just thought i'd give a bit of a plug to a new toy which I think has helped me along my way a lot. I know i'm a new poster so just wanted to clarify that i'm not associated with these guys, but especially for Aussie users, having lurked for a while and seen all the great toys the US folk can get at a great price it was nice to find something available to us! I got an Inkbird IRF-2S from their ebay store :https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-PROBES-Inkbird-IRF-2S-digital-meat-thermometer-wireless-cooking-remote-cook/322819293625?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I was weighing up between a bluetooth unit and an RF one, but I'd read so many reviews about the short range, and decided that was more important than the smartphone/app capability. Have been really happy with my purchase. First up, range wise it's great, haven't had a drop out anywhere inside the house while the grill is outside (not a big house) haven't tested the 300m claim, but it's light-years ahead of the bluetooth unit I tried. It seems to beat even the wifi range. Functionally, it's pretty easy to use, the feel is pretty cheap and plasticky, and both units take 2 AAA batteries each. The base unit has 2 probe inputs and an LCD screen that cycles between the two probe temps. The main unit again is quite easy to use, one thing that attracted me to it is that you can set a range function, so alarm on both above and below temps, it has all the usual preset meat done-ness temps or you can program your own custom temps, and it has a timer. Backlight works well, comes with a 3rd probe as a spare as well, all in all i'm pretty happy. I bought at $60 but they're on sale for $41 at the moment, (they did me a deal on a second so no complaints about the service either). Obviously durability will be a bit of a test, but at this price i'm still a happy camper and they offer a 12 month warranty so hopefully it will be drama free. The dual temp I think really helped me a lot with getting my grill temp right, as the dome probe really cant be trusted and is just too slow to react. Don't have any pics of it in use unfortunately, but it is as described in the site. Cheers
  9. Hi Alpharetta, I'm still very new to this, but just wanted to go out in sympathy with you, I also sacrificed a couple of racks of ribs in my learning adventure. The good news is, it does get easier! From my perspective, the best results i've had so far have been from getting the coals going for 5-7min with the lid open, then closing it and having vents around half way, monitoring the temp and adjusting as I go. Once i'm at the desired temp, I throw on my wood (i'm using chunks), smoke stone in, and meat in all at the same time. I've found that helps stabilise the temp as opening the lid seems to kick things off again, so the smoke stone acts as a bit of a counter to that. I've also learned (as many on here have said) it's a whole lot easier to gain temp than to drop it. I also think one of my best purchases has been a dual probe temp monitor, the dome thermometer on my grill is nowhere, and this really helped me get much more accurate readings of not only my temps, but where it was trending and therefore where my vents should be. Hang in there, it's so worth it! Your wife will be begging you to fire it up in no time
  10. Thanks all for the warm welcome! That's very interesting, and explains why it came as two pieces when all the info I had online showed it as per your post. Ah well, despite being a fake tri-tip, it was still delicious so I'll console myself with that. The only other time i'd had tri-tip was in San Luis Obispo, so hopefully that was at least the real deal :D
  11. Hi All, I recently purchased my first "proper" BBQ, a Char Griller Akorn, previous to this I had only ever had very average gas fired units with very average results. Could not be happier with my purchase, I am continually amazed with the versatility of my new toy, grilling, low and slow, and in between. I'm in love. Had a few teething issues with my first attempts at temp control, but practice (and lots of reading of this forum) has helped enormously (and a good temp monitor) and I think i've finally turned the corner. Tonight did my first ever tri tip which turned out really nicely. Will most likely be more of a lurker, but thanks for all the excellent advice, and see you around! Pic is of my tri tip. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SZb41kMdyooDeKtu6 Cheers, Dan
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