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  1. They all look delish. My problem is never the flavor, I get that pretty good. If I have issues with ribs its related to the cooking process. I use salt (not too much), pepper, onion and garlic powder and brown sugar. Before I had my Kamado, I used my oven and a few times I added a tiny bit of corn syrup to the sauce and it did some magic to crisp it up which I love. It is very difficult to clean once it drips onto something and bakes in so be careful if you ever use the corn syrup. Which one of your 4 is your favorite?
  2. Hey Everyone- I have not cooked anything on my Big Joe for a few months because its a thousand degrees on my patio (South Florida) but I had a craving for brisket so today I am using my Joe. Since its been awhile I rewatched several of John's videos and so far except for the stall, its been a perfect cook for me and I would not even say a stall is a bad thing its just a normal part of cooking a brisket. I was not going to wrap but decided to wrap when it stalled and it decided to continue to stall but now the temp is moving up. I will just say that no matter what my question is I can always find the answer on this site. Allison
  3. OK Understood. I am going to try again but I do think I will skip the leaf blower. I have a fan I can use though, I get the idea. So great to get these lessons about using the Kamado!!
  4. What is the purpose of covering the holes inside where the charcoal sits? Would this work with less charcoal or is this important too? This is an awesome lesson. I tried to cook steaks once so far after work and it was super late by the time they were done and I wished there were flames and heat as shown in this video. I knew there had to be a trick to get super hot quickly!!
  5. Hi- So does this device make it more like convection cooking? Is it meant to be used for every smoke or just certain foods? Allison
  6. I tried foiling and it just came out sort of soggy. I wont foil again, at least not ribs or brisket
  7. I will try when I made a brisket, I do want to see if there is a difference. But I do not think I would bother with ribs again.
  8. I like the way these ribs came out, they were as moist as the last ones I did and even had a really nice crispness in some parts. For a side dish I cut up some potatoes (russets) and drizzled some EVOO and sprinkled with the same rub I made for the ribs and added a teeny bit of cayenne. I love cayenne on potatoes. They were super awesome, what a great meal! I am not sure I saw any benefit to using the butcher paper but it was a good experiment.
  9. Peach Butcher Paper Roll 18" X 200' FEET, Made in USA - FDA Food Grade Pink Butcher Paper for Smoking Meat - Cooking Beef Brisket on Smoker Grill or Big Green Egg Grill, Runner for Butcher Block
  10. I found the butcher paper on Amazon, not sure if I am allowed to post a link or brand.
  11. Hi Everyone! I am trying BB Ribs but this time I finally got some butcher paper and this will be the first thing I will cook using the butcher paper. In the past ribs have been awesome without it but I am interested to see what difference if any, there might be. Its a gorgeous day in Port St Lucie, 85 degrees, partly cloudy, hanging out on the patio with nothing to do but wait for a great meal. Pictures to follow Allison
  12. This is a great idea! I can imagine it would be the perfect cut for pork burnt ends, thanks!!
  13. OK flavor, incredible. But this cut of meat is very fatty. I read in other posts that if you start cutting the fat on a pork belly you will never stop but I think if I try this cut of meat again I will at least give it a try.
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