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  1. I found shanks and I am going to try this recipe this weekend. I cant wait!!!
  2. dufchick

    My GO-TO for Brisket Technique

    This was a wonderful way to cook brisket, it was incredibly delicious. I made glazed carrots and garlic bread in the KJ as well. Son happy!
  3. dufchick

    My GO-TO for Brisket Technique

    Hello All- I am smoking a brisket using this method today and I will be using the Kamado Joe 2014 video recipe for the sauce (Kamado Joe-Atlanta Brisket circa 2014 ). I will post some pictures later. I was searching for an alternate method of brisket cooking because there are no stores nearby that carry butcher paper! I had to purchase it online and it did not arrive yet. My son, home on leave from the Air Force until Monday, wants a brisket. I think he will love this recipe. Allison
  4. Happy New Year! I love this cook and pictures. Looks delish! I am originally from NY and spent 44 years there then moved to Florida in 2004. These pictures really make me miss those snowed in days, you have such pretty scenery surrounding your home. I finally found a good butcher shop here and they carry shanks so I will be trying this recipe. Thanks!
  5. dufchick

    Rib roast

    This looks delish! I love your finished picture, really pretty setup!
  6. dufchick

    No Bird Thanksgiving!

    I would take that over a Turkey dinner any day, looks delish!!
  7. Hi Guys- I tried out my new JoeTisserie today with chicken. I could not find a nice large chicken so I had to get 2 small ones from Publix. No pictures were taken of today's meal. Almost immediately after putting the chickens on, they started to drip fat onto the coals and it was rough for about the next hour. We left the lid up on and off for the first hour until we found the sweet spot to leave the lid partially open to hold the temperature. The chickens were crispy and dark and a little dry but delish (I made gravy). I am usually good about reading everything under the sun regarding new methods of cooking but this time I did not read enough. I missed reading the posts here about moving the coals to the back to avoid the dripping of fat on the coals, or to let the coals burn for a bit first. I can see the benefit of brining or injecting. I can see the benefit of using less coals. Live and learn! It was a good tasty dinner (with the gravy) and tomorrow I will make chicken salad with the leftovers. My Air Force son is coming home a few days before Christmas and will be here for 3 weeks! He has been in South Korea for a year. He has a list of items I must cook for him while he is here and several will be on the Joe. Cant wait! Allison
  8. dufchick

    Cooks Using Covered CI Pots

    Thanks, I am going to give one of these recipes a try.
  9. Hi Guys- I have been looking at the videos for soup, Chili and Osso Buco and things like that where a good part of the cook is in a covered cast iron pan or pot. Does the smoke flavor still infuse into the dish even when the heavy cast iron lid is on the pot? Thanks Allison
  10. dufchick

    BB Ribs

    Not too far is a place called Lauderdale By the Sea. http://www.lauderdalebythesea-fl.gov/ That has 4 names so way cooler place to live! lol
  11. dufchick

    BB Ribs

    They were delish, better the next day!
  12. dufchick

    BB Ribs

    Today I smoked ribs again, incredible. Love my KJ! Plus I figured out that my iphone pictures are incredibly big sized so I found out if I email them to myself I can choose a smaller size and now I can post more than one picture. During this cook I used coca cola to spray the ribs during the basting period, it really gave it a nice flavor. I usually use Dr Pepper but I did not have any in the house. I have used Jack Daniels in the past too, really great flavor. The possibilities are endless!
  13. dufchick

    First Brisket

    It did set, when I rubbed a fork against it, there was noise like it had hardened up. In hindsight maybe I should have checked more spots, maybe I checked the only spot that had set. Still a good brisket taste-wise and tender. Butcher paper seems to be the thing I should try next time.
  14. dufchick

    First Brisket

    Yes I could see where that could happen although I thought that was the whole point of wrapping. I will try butcher paper next time.
  15. dufchick

    First Brisket

    OK, meat was delish really. But the bark was soggy, it wasn't bark it was slush. What did I do wrong? Cooked on 250 for about 4 hrs until 160 deg, wrapped in foil and back on grill until 203 deg (about 3 hrs), then in the cooler for 2 hours. The meat was tender and really good but that bark was disappointing. Is there a difference between using foil and butcher paper to wrap? Is there a trick to posting more than 1 photo?