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  1. @John Setzler Thanks for the great video. I like that trick about putting the chips in the foil. Can't wait to try that this weekend. Also, I'm fascinated by your "cheat" with the pink salt. I had no idea.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out. And I haven't smoked a turkey yet, but I will definitely use this trick. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That's a strong, strong, strong statement. I honestly believe that's the issue. I've been keeping my ThermoWorks Smoke thermometer about 1 inch away from the meat, while also located about 1 inch from the edge. Now I will try to clear out a spot closer to the inside. Thanks for your help!
  4. Newbie here, with a newbie question. I recently purchased a XL Big Green Egg (used). When I did my first cook, I used my ThermoWorks Smoke thermometer for ribs. For most of the first couple of hours, there was a 30+ degree difference with my probe thermometer. For instance, my Smoke said it was 275, but the thermometer on the grill said 240, although both of them ended up being the same. But they weren't the same in the beginning, and I think there's a big difference between 30+ degrees in the opening hours of smoking BBQ ribs. (1) So who do you trust? Also, this is a related question: How much charcoal would you advise putting down for a BGE? I know they say to fill it up to the rim, but that seems a little wasteful when I'm only cooking a few chicken breasts on an XL. However, I could be wrong there, meaning that perhaps the charcoal operates more efficiently when at full power. (2) Thoughts?
  5. OK, I bought an XL Big Green Egg (used), and I thought it would be much easier to grill on it than my Kettle with a Slow N Sear. I was wrong. My first cook did not go well. My wife isn't talking to me. I started doing research after I overcooked some ribs, and stumbled across this website, which seemed to have a ton of knowledgeable and helpful people. My questions: 1. When I fire up the grill, how long do I keep the top lid of the grill and bottom vent open before closing both? If there's not an exact time, what do I need to see? 2. If I am aiming for 225 degrees, at what temp do I start dialing in the grill (adjusting the top and bottom vents)? 3. This one really confuses me. I've read where you don't put the meat on until you see the thin, blue smoke? For me on my first cook, that took 1.5 hours to get the thin, blue smoke. That's a lot of wasted fuel, right? What's the technique there? 4. On a related note, when do I put in the indirect plate on the grill? Should it be in there once I put down the top lid? Or do I need to wait longer so the fire will burn better? 5. What about wood chips? When do those go on? Won't they burn away if I wait 1.5 hours until I get the thin, blue smoke? Shouldn't I wait to put them on when I put the meat on? Help! Thanks in advance for your feedback. Glad to be a part of this community.
  6. Hello, I am new to Kamado grilling. I just bought a used XL Big Green Egg. With my first cook, I really struggled with controlling and maintaining temps. I thought it would be easy, but it's not lol. In my Internet research, I came across a post by Ceramic Chef on this website that taught me a lot. I still have many questions. I'm still looking for the post where he said he had a recipe for vent settings. Anyone know where it is? This looked like a really good community, so I'm excited to be part of it and ready to learn!
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