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  1. I went with just some mesquite and it came out amazing. Used kosher salt along with Pappy's to season it the night before. reversed seared it: 30 minutes at 250ish, flip and another 25 at 250ish. Removed it, let it rest a bit while I cranked the heat up to about 700. 1 minute each side. It was delicious, tender, and one of the best things I've grilled during the short few months I've owned my akorn (knock on wood, everything on there has been great).
  2. I'm in RVa and they have it Wegman's. It was on sale so I thought I'd give it try. My friend from fresno makes it all the time, he even gave me some Pappy's seasoning to use on it (what a lot folk use back in the Fresno area). I'm sure if I searched hard enough I could find some oak, but Wegman's, and Kroger didn't have any. I'll try elsewhere another day. I think I'll try a bit of both as suggested above. Thanks!
  3. I'm planning to reverse sear a 2.5 pound tri-tip tomorrow. I read that oak is the preferred (if not the "authentic" choice) wood to use. I wasn't able to find any at the store today so I was thinking to either add apple or mesquite, both of which I already have. Which of the two would you recommend? I'm leaning mesquite. These would be a few chunks, not the main source of heat. Thanks for your time advice.
  4. NickM

    Turkey 101

    Thanks for the great guide. If I'm going indirect heat with the stone deflector, should I still spatchcock the turkey? Does spatchcocking the turkey add more smoke flavor than not? Thanks!