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  1. Tuesday at work my Troop Commander asked me if I could fix some pulled pork for the Troop cookout on Wednesday. He gave me 80 bucks and told me to get what I needed so I went and got four boston butts from the commissary on post for $.99lbs all around 7 1/2 to 8 1/2lbs a piece. I got home that night prepped them with some Bad Byrons Butt Rubb and let them sit for a few hours. I got the smoker ready and some pecan chips for the flavor. I got them on around 11pm and set my Maverick ET-732 up with my temps I needed and went to bed. My target temp was between 280 and 300 for the cook and around 1:30am my alarm went letting me know my pit temp had gotten too low. I adjusted my vents and went back to sleep. I got up around 7am and checked on it to make sure all was good. At 10am my alarm went off for the one cooking on the top rack, so pulled it off, wrapped it and put in the cooler. I checked the rest at the point and they all were ready to come off. I let them rest for about 1.5 hours before I pulled them. I made some Carolina Style BBQ Sauce while they rested with Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed Red Pepper, Butter, and Salt. Pulled all four butts, sauced all but one of them and put them in pans. Needless to say it was a hit. What took 12 hours to prepare took 20 minutes to get destroyed. All the guys loved it at troop and was asking when I was going to make more. I cooked all high heat with a very minor problem once. It was definitely a lot easier than I thought it would be. Here are few pictures that I took. Sorry for the quality.
  2. Thanks IrvinF that helped a lot. I think I might try that this weekend.
  3. I bought a pork shoulder the other day or as listed a Pork Picnic Whole and I was wondering has anyone cooked up one of these before? I bought it in place of a butt thinking I could do the same thing with it, but I'm not so sure of it. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. I just got a basic rub offline for mine, that is pretty easy to make. I've got mine on the grill now, so hopefully it is pretty good. 1/2 cup paprika 1/3 cup brown sugar 3 tablespoons garlic powder 3 tablespoons onion powder 2 tablespoons oregano 2 tablespoons salt
  5. Well I have been wanting to try to cook a brisket for sometime now and so when I was at Sam's the other day I picked up a flat. I trimmed it up last night which I didn't take any pics before I started trimming the fat cap. I seasoned it with a basic brisket rub that I found online so hopefully it is pretty good. I got up around 7am this morning and got the Akorn fired up and got the temps to 225 around 745 and put on the brisket. The past few cooks I've had been struggling to keep the temps down and today I've been able to keep them below 250. I don't know if it is because I didn't put as much fuel in or what but the temps have been right around 240 for most of the cook. I've hit my plateau at 163 and its actually dropped to 160. I'll post pics of the finished product once I'm done. I'm hoping I don't butcher it to bad.
  6. Thanks! Those are ears of corn...after looking at the pic they do look like hoagie rolls up there.
  7. Pulled a slab of baby backs out of the freezer that we split to fit into bags. On one half I put a homemade rub which I can't find the recipe for now and the other I put some Lambert's Sweet Rub O'mine on it. Put them in the fridge over night and put them on about 2pm this afternoon. I used a mix of leftover lump and Kingsford Blue with a couple pieces of apple chunk for the burn. I was hoping to keep the temp around 250, but it stayed around 300. I haven't sealed it up yet, so I definitely think I've got some air leaks. With about an hour to go I slathered them up with some Sweet Baby Rays and threw a few ears of corn on the rack. They turned out great. Cooked total for 4 hours and the meat fell right off the bone!
  8. When I get done cooking and shutdown everything my temps always spike for a few hours. Is that normal? I'm thinking I might have a leak some where, but it doesn't spike when I'm cooking. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else?
  9. How long did it burn and did you have any fuel left?
  10. It's great and easy to set up! Plus it has the grate probe holder so definitely worth the money!
  11. Got my Maverick ET-732 in today and got it on the cooker now. Cooking two small pork loins just to break it in. So far its working like a champ! :D
  12. I get the B&B Lump at Academy and they also have Hickory Lump for the same price. I've just finished up a bag of B&B Oak and it isn't to bad, a lot of little pieces though.
  13. And here is the finished product, but the picture is kind of blurry. The food turned out great! I did notice that my top exhaust lets out smoke once I closed it off so I don't know if there is way to fix that or not. I know I'll be glad when my Maverick ET732 gets on Wed. The Accurite thermometers I'm using only go up to 395 so it was kind of hard to get my temp once it spiked.
  14. Just put on a 5 pounder with some BBQ Honey rub from Tastefully Simple that my wife wanted to try. Plus a few ears of corn before heading to the Braves game.
  15. Tomorrow before heading to ATL for the game a BCC and some ears of corn. This weekend having a get together and got six slabs of ribs to put on.
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