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  1. You might have the best result by placing the top butt in a roasting pan.
  2. Grill arrived last night and assembled today. Waiting for ceramic stones and woo ring from CGS to show up today. Planning on smoking a pork butt tomorrow. Will probably cook something today, but it will have to be something without the need of deflecting stones.
  3. Does anyone know if these 5" casters fit the Vision cradle with no modifications?
  4. Does the woo ring work with the two-tiered grates that come with the grill?
  5. I'm expecting to do primarily roasting and smoking. I have a Weber Genesis for quick grilling, etc. Thinking about getting a whole stone, a half stone, and the spider. I can pick up welding gloves and an electric starter anywhere.
  6. Just purchased a Vision Professional from Home Depot. Home Depot has an accessory pack that includes some things that seem necessary (stone, starter, gloves), some things that seem really helpful (half-moon griddle, electric started mount), and other things I don't need (chicken and rib racks). I suspect I could find the necessities cheaper, but don't have a clue exactly what to get. Can anyone provide me a shopping list (probably from CGS) to better spend $200? Thanks in advance. Hook'em
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