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  1. What sort of damages can occur apart from the gasket?
  2. May I ask why you wouldn’t reccomend? Is it not good for the gasket etc ? Why would I buy DOJOE if I can’t make Neapolitan style pizzas? Should I get uuni Woodfired pizza oven instead ?? I wanna do Neapolitan pizzas on my kamado joe, if it is nor good for kamado joe 450 degrees than I dunno what to say to be honest
  3. Hi guys Anyone know when it will come out? I saw the new kamado joes ranges online, they look amazing I think they will be out in 2019
  4. With DOJOE, can you make Neapolitan style pizzas ? Can you reach 450 degree Celsius ( 900F) mark??
  5. Thanks for the tip man , have you been to Australia before ? I love your videos bro, my wife and I are huge fan. How many kamado joes you have ? And which one you love the most? Cheers
  6. Urban griller, I got a quote just before , $130 for kab and gasket Is $46 plus $18 delivery fee
  7. Thanks bro , where did ya get your kick ash basket ?
  8. Cheers bro, I’m gonna to have a look at them, I bet we don’t have them in Australia
  9. Hi bro such a cool idea, well done , that’s an another way to do better airflow
  10. Any recommendations bro ? Cast iron grill grate would be nice
  11. Thank you for the tips sir, they were fantastic, I sacrificed my gasket because I was cooking at 450 Celsius .. it was easier for me to stretch the dough by hand etc I’m a pizza maker and professional chef , since I got my KJ classic 2 I’m a huge fan thank you mr. setzler
  12. Thanks brother , already got few msgs and I feel great to be here !
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