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  1. Looks amazing. How long did you smoke the short ribs for before putting in the sauce?
  2. Well worth it. I understand what all the fuss us about now
  3. Well with it all said and done I was very happy. KJ sat around the 150c and it took about 2.5 hrs it had hit an internal temp of around 65c. The skin was still very rubbery but it had areally good amber colour. I opened the lid and bottom vent. Maybe another half hour to 45 minutes and skin puffed up nicely. Inside Served with some roast veg and a quick heavy I made with the juices. I think I could have cooked it a little slower and a lower temp. Allow more of the fat to render down. Still, it was juicey, the flavour and smells amazing. Plus there is plenty left over for sandwiches this week! NB: the char in top happened when I stopped the rotisserie top take the temp. Tasted great though!
  4. That's what I kept saying. Tomorrow is the day
  5. Well this is just the prep bit. Cook is tomorrow. I have been dying to try doing a porcetta ever since I got my joetissarie andI was able to get a piece of skin on pork belly with loin attached today. I was very excited. In prep I butterflied the loin and scored the skin. I did straight lines thinking it will help with slicing. Salted the skin and in the fridge while I went about the rest of my day. After dinner I had a bit of time so roasted some fennel seeds and peppercorns. Then ground them up. Chopped some sage, rosemary and some Greek oregano. On the meat side i scored that a little and on went the spice, a bunch of garlic and herbs. I was meant to put on some lemon zest but forgot. Still smells amazing. Rolling it all back up and tied it. Re salted the skin and back in the fridge. Tomorrow Ill put it on the spit at about 150c for about 2.5 hours (I think). I will look for a temp of around 60-65. Then lid off to crisp up the skin. Would love any tips or advice on my process.
  6. Looks great! Looks as good as any chook you get from. A charcoal chicken shop! Im going to try a porcetta on my rotisserie this weekend if i can find a nice bit of pork belly. Loving the jotiserrie too.
  7. That looks the business!
  8. Dinner tonight was a simple but very yummy dinner. Started by dry roasting some cumin and coriander seeds. Crushing them up with so.e salt amd garlic to form a paste. Added some oil and massaged into a lovely piece of flank steak. Let that sit overnight. Fired up the grill tonight and threw on the steak and some corn when it hit about 500f. Corn went into a salsa with radish, coriander and avocado. Sliced the steak nice and thin. Served it in tortillas with the salsa and a chipotle sauce. Delish. I didn't get a money shot as had to get food on the table for the kids.
  9. Probably too late but you could do some char suihttps://cafedelites.com/sticky-chinese-barbecue-pork-belly-ribs-char-siu-recipe/ Happy birthday by the way!!
  10. Those yorkshire puds look the business. Haven't had those in ages! Looks fantastic.
  11. Do yourself a high heat pizza cook. Will clean up fine!
  12. Oh and I almost forgot. One of the tips from the stadler made videos. One of the pizzas got stuck on the peel and didnt want to transition. Lifted one edge up and gave a blow. It lifts the pizza off the peel enough to get it moving again. Worked a charm on my wifes pizza (notorious for putting too many toppings on) which didnt want to transition. I swear, best tip for a newbie.
  13. Its hard not to fall head first into the rabbit hole! I came across the calculator a while back but this was the first time i used it. I found it useful as it calculates per dough ball. Normally i have left overs I either throw out or freeze. Ill check out pizzaforum as well. It really is an art and the more info and practice the better my pizzas will be!
  14. Agree with len440. Really good looking pizzas!
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