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  1. Thats the same recipe I use for chomichurri! Agree its the best Ive found. Ive tried a bunch over the years but I find I just keep coming back to this one.
  2. Thanks. Was delish! My photo skills dont really do it justice
  3. Hi all, The other day when I was at my favourite place on earth - the butcher, I picked up an Argentinian Entrana steak. I wasnt sure what it was but figured it seemed like a flank or skirt steak. So I thought Id give it a go. Got home, did my research and its basically skirt steak. Which is one of my favs so totally happy. Marinated in a chimichurri marinade. Then grilled at a high temp, flipping every 30 seconds or so till it was internal temp of 55c. Served up with a bit of grilled corn, a tomato salad and sweet potato chips.
  4. Lambs my favourite and I cook it a lot. That looks great. Try on a rotisserrie over coals. Amazing!
  5. I bank coals to the back and use an alluminium Bbq tray. The disposable ones. So i can shape it to fit under what ever im cooking. I have a kj classic 2 and just dont find that it has enough room at the bottom to bank the coals to both sides.
  6. Im pretty happy with the purchase so far. Once lock down restrictions are over i can see more use as ee have pizza parties for the kids. And making it easier to turn them out.
  7. I have always done pizzas on a pizza stone seperated with some brackets on my deflector plates. I had the same delema as what you describe until yesterday. I bought a dojo and cooked my first pizza on there. Was excellent. Pros definitely easy to use. Pizzas came off the peel easy and i could see how they were cooking. Cooked them lower than i normally do but i think that is actually safer given i have warped the firebox rim thing in the past after a pizza session. Was all in all a really easy successful night. Will be using it next time we do pizzas definitely. I am happy with the purchase.
  8. Pizza always is. Even bad pizza!! Thanks. I was very happy with the puff in the crust. Need to work on stretching them out a bit bigger though.
  9. As the title says, I got some vouchers from my work so decided to splurge on a dojo. Ive been using a pizza stone seprated by some brackets on my dividers. Has given me awesome pizzas. This has worked well enough but figured as I had the vouchers was worth getting. Any way, couple of pics from the first session last night. Was really pleased with the result. Cooked between 600 and 650 which is a little lower than normal. About 4 to 5 minutes each. Did 4 pizzas. Had about half a bowl of charcoal left. I did pull the dojo out and closed the kj once finished cooking.
  10. Sorry, dont think Ive logged on since I posted this. Yes scotch fillet is the rib eye roast without bones. In Oz when I think rib eye I really only think of it as a bone in steak. All other cuts are called scotch fillet. Whole or steak. Whatever you call it, it has to be my favourite cut! Damn delicious
  11. Went to stock up on meat today and picked a 3kg scotch fillet. Half went to tonights dinner on the rotisserie the rest cut into steaks and in the freezer. I gave it a rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. On the rotisserie around 150c. Pulled it about 56c which was probably a little bit late. Served up with some crispy potatoes and veg.
  12. Some great info in te pizza section. For dough Ive started using this link pizza dough for dough weights.
  13. I should also note it wasn't just meat and a mushroom. Some roast potatoes and green beans also made it on to the plate!
  14. Totally agree. Rib eye is my go to in most cases for steak. This was from a new butcher I hadnt used before, and I was really happy how it turned out. The sides are big field mushrooms. Top with some sliced some chilli and then shaved a bit of peccorino on. Pop in the oven, or as last night, the indirect side, till cooked and the cheese has melted. A really quick and easy side. Goes well with most meats too.
  15. Got to love steak night Rib eye for me and New York steak for the missus and the kids. A simple salt, pepper and garlic powder. Reverse seared with a couple of chunks of cherry. Happy days. Second photo is before the sear.
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