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  1. Wouldn't last long in my house!
  2. Following for the same reason as others. Keen to hear how this goes.
  3. And probably will for many more! Im definitely a fan.
  4. I know a few of you have moved away from paprika based rubs but one Of my favourites is jess pyles hardcore carnivore red - https://jesspryles.com/recipe/pork-rub-recipe/ I have only made this and not bought. Very happy with it and i find ikeep coming back to it.
  5. As above, lamb shoulder is great low and slow. I also like to cook lamb legs on the rotissarie and cook it to about 90c. It has to be basted but it doesn't dry out. Can carve it with a spoon.
  6. Thanks! Another year ilder but for some reason not any wiser..... Will play with it a bit. There isnt much room between the stones. I thought the gap between the bottom and second stone was enough. Worst case. Will go back to just using the top stone which cooked great!
  7. So was my birthday yesterday and my mum bought me this gift to replace my broken pizza stone. A three stone pizza stacker. I broke it in this afternoon when alate request came in from the wife and her family that were coming offer. A quick stop to the shop and my local pizza shop to pick up some bases (given time frame was no chance of making our own). I set it up thinking not using the bottom stone. That can be the deflector. I placed the stacker on the grill (in the lower position). The you stone would have been higher than my previous set up of deflector stones on the top positon grill with a set of brackets to lift the pizza stone higher. I tried to get a sit through the vent to show where the top was. Kamado got to 750c but cooked from about 600. Result was pretty good. My in laws had an issue of piling the topping on so had a few stick to the peel. The middle stone or bottom cooking stone cooked a bit faster and two burnt the bottom. I might put my deflector plates on the bottom pizza stone next time. See if the extra stone on the bottom will help. Overall results we're ok. Think i can get back to my pre broken stone glory. Just means i get to practice more!
  8. Love the color. Is the Nandos recipe online?
  9. Had some family over today and cooked then up some jerk chicken. Served with coconut rice, coleslaw and sweet potato chips.
  10. I too am interested and maybe worth starting a new thread. I have only ever used the lower position in my kj classic ii when i have run out of room on the top. Or if I'm doing reverse sear on a steak.
  11. So it was Fathers Day here in Oz this weekend and I was lucky enough you get given some cast iron skillets. So I thought to break one in Id roast up some potatoes in them and grill some steaks to go with them. Came up trumps and I cant wait to use them more!
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