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  1. I saw areally good post on here about getting to know your kamado. I can't find it otherwise iwould have linked it. Basically it said spend a day not cooking but learning the way your kamado adjusts to changes in the vents. So set your grill up. Get to 225f and hold. Mark the vent position. Adjust the vents till you get 250, 275, 300, 350, 400 and so on. Take note of the vent position is. Once you know those vents settings they won't change. There might be some factors like wind, type of charcoal etc where u might need to change slightly but all in all the vent settings won't change. Take the time to learn where they are and how your grill adjusts to changes in the vent positions. Best advice i got. Will see if ican find the post as it was more elloquent than my description.
  2. Given me a hankering for beef! So I picked up a cattlemen's and fired up the kj. While waiting for the kj to get to temp I rubbed the meat with pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika. When the kj hit 275f on it went. There was some left over apple wood from my last cook so I didn't add any other wood chunks. I cooked it indirect to an internal temp of 50c. Took about 45 minutes I think.I opened up the vents full and raised the temp to sear. I then seared for about 2 minutes each side. The internal temp was 62c (the wife likes it a little closer to well done) when I pulled it from the grill.   Let it rest ten minutes and served with salad and corn on the cob. 
  3. I sliced it as you can see on the picture. It was against the grain and just with a carving knife. Tried to keep it a's thin as possible.
  4. I always used to cook pork ribs until a mate of mine told me to try beef shorties a year or so ago. My go to now. So gooood.
  5. 3.5 min according to the calculator on amazingribs.com. will be gone tomorrow. Didnt last long. Should have bought more!
  6. And it is! The taste test slice i took was amazing. I almost regret telling my brother iwas bringing this. Otherwise I'd have kept it all for myself!
  7. Had a bit of trouble uploading all the photos but finally got the last few up.
  8. So it's family Christmas at my brothers this year which means interstate for two families. I asked my brother what we could bring to help contribute and i was told nothing. It's all sorted. But i just couldn't turn up empty handed. I think I'm taking the perfect thing.... home made bacon! Picked up a pork belly, wet brined for 4 days in a solution of salt pepper, molasses, sugar and water. Hot smoked on the KJ for approx 2hrs (150f internal temp). Should feed the whole family breakfast for the time we're there :-)
  9. Yep. I was surprised at how much shrinkage there was. One of the bones was so close to falling off. Took nothing to get them out. I almost cut them down the bone before cooking. Reckon the meat would have fallen off for sure the .
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