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  1. That's a great smoke ring you got there!
  2. Certainly was. Left over sauce and salsa will go on some salmon tonight :-)
  3. So I had a hankering for some good old carne asada today. I couldn't find any skirt but I did find some grass fed hanger steak at one off my local shops. Marinated it in orange and lime juice, cumin, garlic, jalepeno, oil pepper and salt. Fired up the kamado and had it hot. Bbq'd the steak and the corn. Pulled them off when they were reading 62ish. Then served them up with some tortillas, the corn salsa, guacamole and a chimichirri sauce. Was delish. I didn't get a great sear on the steak. I did put them great on the lowest setting and tried to get a better crust but they just didn't want to.
  4. Marinated butterfly leg of lamb with some grilled sweet potatoe. Served up with a salad. Can't find the posted shot though.
  5. Nice cook! If you havent tried it put a splash of worcesterhire sauce in with the sprouts and bacon. One of my favorite sides.
  6. Keen to see them mid cook and end result. Making me hungry thinking about it!
  7. Thanks guys. Tasted great. We wrapped the steak slices up with the sauces and rice in the lettuce. Wasn't too expensive a cut either. I could see it going in tacos or with a chimchuri sauce. Left overs went in to a roll with horse radish, tomato, cheese and caramelised onions. Was just as good. Definitely will be doing it again.
  8. My wife challenged me the other day to do cook a few different types of steaks than the typical bbq assortment we have. Challenge accepted. So a did a bit of online searching and found a momofuku recipe for hanger steak. Picked up some from my favorite butcher. Marinated in apple juice, soy sauce, garlic and onion for 24 hours. Fired up the KJ with some left over charcoal. My plan was to get it to searing temp but the miss just couldn't wait so I ended putting the steaks on a little early. Turned every 2 minutes and took them off when the internal temp was around 60c. Served with a spring onion and ginger sauce, some pureed kim chi, rice and some lettuce leaves. Flavours were great. Next time I'll get the fire going a bit earlier so to get to temp on time. Before the kids get to the witching hour.....
  9. I can't hep with the kamado rotisserie as mine is for my gas bbq. But i love a leg or shoulder of lamb on the rotisserie. Picanha is great. I have seen a few videos on pork knuckle and ithink that Will be my next one. Lamb I generally put salt, lemon zest, oregano, garlic, pepper and oil. Overnight is the best for this. I trend to cook this slow for acouple of hours. Till it's tender and pull apart. Serve with some red onions that have been salted fit half an hour. Drained and mixed with a pinch is sumac and parsley. Lemon cheeks for people too squeeze over if they want. Hmmm i think i know what I'm cooking fit Sunday dinner!
  10. I have some friends coming round in a few weeks and they have requested brisket. It's been awhile since Ive cooked a brisket so I thought I would do a dry run. I picked up a brisket around 2kgs. Salted it last night. I had some left over rub (one of jess pryles i think) which went on while the bbq came up to temp. 7 and a half hours later it went into the cooler till we were ready to eat. Served it with some coleslaw on tortillas. Tender, juicy and delish! I really should do brisket more often. Lucky I have guest coming in a few weeks!!
  11. I did one about 2kgs today. Put it on at 6.30 and took it off around 1.30pm. Temps 250 to 270f ish and it came out tender and juicy. The wife said best brisket Ive done. Will put photos up in another post
  12. I first had those bao buns in Singapore afew years back and haven't thought of them till now. Were amazing. You have made them look amazing and sure they taste just as good!
  13. You can't quite see it but I did the slashes too. Think it definitely helped flavor the meat. Will be cooking this again. Im going to look into this. There's always so many suggestions here. Not enough time to try them all!
  14. I haven't tried to smoke salt myself but I buy some that I use on steaks or other meats i grill on the gas bbq. It adds a slight smokey flavor.
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