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  1. A total labour of love! Look amazing
  2. I didnt know how I could like pastrami any better till I tried making it. Yours has inspired me to make this again! Looks so good. Did you brine yourself first?
  3. Thats great. I need more inspiration like this to bbq fish!
  4. When i set up for 225f I fill the kamado with charcoal. Put one fire lighter in the centre. Light it with lid and bottom vent wide open. I shut the lid after about 5 minutes with deflector plates in. When I see the needle start to register a temp (about 100f on the dial), I set my vents. Then I let it come up to temp slowly. This takes roughly an hour generally. Sometimes more sometimes a little less. Another tip for long cooks is when you do open the lid, shut the vents own before openong the lid. Helps to keep the temp from climbing each time.
  5. The other week I tried a new wholesale butcher after my sons auskick game and they had tritip there. I was there for ribs (I didnt post but they were amazing if I do say so myself) but Ihave never been able to find tritip here before so when I saw some there I picked one up. So glad I did. I really enjoyed this cook. Was also able to try my new meater+ my wife got me for fathers day. Put a rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and oregano on this morning, wrapped in plastic and left it for the rest of the day. Prepped the kamado and on it went @225f with some hickor
  6. Very nice. Can't go wrong with lamb on a spit
  7. If you are cooking it over direct heat that is about right. When roasting over indirect it will take longer. If it is marinaded make sure you wipe it off before grilling as it will likely burn. Or watch it carefully so the marinade doesnt burn.
  8. Spritzed my ribs on the weekend with apple cider vinegar. Was out of apple juice. Turned out fine. I have only ever done this on runs and pork shoulder.
  9. +1 for skirt/flank steak. Hot and fast, served with a good chimichurri. A staple in my house. But my go to is a bone in rib eye. Butter basted. Cant beat it.
  10. talk about how to leave someone hanging!! How did it end up?
  11. Hope you all are keeping safe! It was pushing 30 degrees here today and what really felt like the good bye winter hello summer weekend. That weekend that comes around and you know its warm weather from here on out. Probably just jinxed it, but I thought it was a day for steak. I picked up a 750g skirt steak and popped it in a marinade of cumin, coriander powder, lime juice, garlic, oil salt and pepper. Off to the park with the kids. Fired up the grill to 500f on the kamado, on went the steak for 2 minutes, flip, 2 minutes, flip. Checked temp. About 5 minutes in total, too
  12. Restaurant quality! I may have to try something like this.
  13. Mmm. Skirt steak is one of my favourites. Looks delish!
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