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  1. Thanks. Was very happy with the result. A nice crust on the outside and juicy pink on the inside. One of my favourite cuts of steak.
  2. Been awhile since Ive posted but doesnt mean I havent been bbqing! I had a flank steak which Id pulled out of the freezer this morning for fajitas. A quick marinade in lime juice, oil, cumin and a couple of other things. Wiped that off when ready to grill. On to the grill on the lower rack. Flipped every 30 seconds or so. Pulled when it was about 56-58c. Let it rest. Seved up with the normal sides. Delish.
  3. Hey guys, As the title says, my bottom seal has come loose on my kj classic 2. It's the metal one. There is nothing wrong with it, it still seals but it's loose so it catches on things and I need to watch it for it when cooking. As I like things nice and neat, I was thinking of getting a replacement kit. But they are quite expensive. So before shelling or for a full replacement I thought Id check in with the experts to see if there are any other outings options? Like getting a glue to reset it or something? Thanks in advance!
  4. You could also try banking the charcoal to the back and then putting an aluminum foil underneath to catvh the drips. I do that for chicken and works fine. Throw the tray away after. Although theres no deflector it isnt over the heat directly for flare ups. The below is pichana but is same concept.
  5. Merry Xmas all! Although a little belated. Thought I'd start a thread to show off your xmas lunches/dinners etc. In Oz we we're lucky enough to have some family visit although my brother and his family were unable to cross the QLD border at the last minute. So was plenty left over. I did the obligatory ham (half) on the kamado with a honey mustard glaze. Would love to see everyone elses.
  6. Ive started closing the bottom vent when opening to put meat on or check during a cook. That was a tip I found on a thread here somewhere. If I dont, the temp always seems to creep up, and then the temptation to fiddle with the vents sets in........
  7. Char sui pork belly has been of my to do list for ages. Reckon this would have come out delish!
  8. Couldnt think of a better mental health day activity. Bet your stomach also thanked you! Looks the bomb.
  9. My local had some whole lamb rump on sale so picked it up for dinner. Kept it simple and rubbed in salt pepper and garlic. Salt on the fat cap. Skewered, and on it went. Kj settled in at around 170c to 190c. Let the internal temp come up to 58c and the let it rest. Served with some steamed veg and a chimichurri sauce. Very delish.
  10. I followed the same steps in her recipe and although f the skin didn't look exactly like hers (was a lot darker) was still nice and crackly. It didnt really start to go hard until after I opened the lid. I forget how long I had it on with the lid open. Was a while though. 30 minutes maybe. If I was doing pork in the oven Id be sourcing hot first then cooler to finish it off. You could try that. Lid open, get thw skin going then close the lid. I think it might be too hot for too long though. Not sure.
  11. +1 to this. And dont let it sit too long. Jiggle it while on the peel to make sure it hasnt stuck.
  12. Haha. I will say it was! And the next day too :-) as we come into bbq season here I'll be pulling this out for friends. It was so good.
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