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  1. Love the color. Is the Nandos recipe online?
  2. Very nice. Making me hungry!
  3. Had some family over today and cooked then up some jerk chicken. Served with coconut rice, coleslaw and sweet potato chips.
  4. I too am interested and maybe worth starting a new thread. I have only ever used the lower position in my kj classic ii when i have run out of room on the top. Or if I'm doing reverse sear on a steak.
  5. So it was Fathers Day here in Oz this weekend and I was lucky enough you get given some cast iron skillets. So I thought to break one in Id roast up some potatoes in them and grill some steaks to go with them. Came up trumps and I cant wait to use them more!
  6. Marinated overnight then cooked over a high heat. Think carne asada. If i was to guess the actual cut of meat here id say flank steak. But could be totally wrong! And a quick self serve Google search has given me the answer on the London broil.
  7. https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/food-and-drink/broadsheet-cookbook-cumulus-incs-whole-slow-roasted-lamb-shoulder You could adapt this to lamb leg. Cook it to temp rather then time. 4 to 5 hours i think.
  8. Hey guys. I cook lamb a lot! Love it. As a general rule you can use roughly the same temps as beef. For butterflied leg of lamb I would grill it over a medium heat. Or you can also reverse sear it. If it's deboned but then rolled back up I would be tempted to slow cook it. Keep the temp around 150-170c. Keeping it covered until the last hour. You can go all the way up to 90c IT and carve it with a fork. Maybe 4 hours. A shoulder recipe Ido a lot goes for about 8 hours. Legs dont take as long. Rotisary is amazing. I do that alot. Medium had around that 150c until cooked to your liking. You can roast it as well. Depending on what you like temps around 60c IT for blushing medium. Rosemary, garlic and black pepper is my go to. Adding lemon juice or zest as well. Hope that helps. Will find the shoulder recipe i got which is from a restaurant in Melbourne. It is actually amazing and you can adapt it for legs.
  9. And a quick self serve Google search has given me the answer on the London broil.
  10. That's agreat looking steak. What cut Is a london broil? I've never heard the ten before. Looks like a flank or skirt maybe?
  11. If Im slow cooking I take the skin off (or get the butcher too). In an oven to get a good crispy skin I try to salt it for 24 hours. Wipe it down with paper towel before putting in the oven. Then crank the oven up to 250c. When the skin crisps, lower the temp to 150c and roast it till done. Not sure this would work in a kamado considering how long it takes to cool down. I haven't tried but reversing the technique in the kamado should work. Slow cook till almost done. Remove the meat, crank up the temp. Put it back in when hot to crisp the skin up.
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