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  1. Cuban sandwiches arent as readily available where I am unfortunately however where I do get to buy them is at a local farmers market where there is a stall that sells them. I can see how they would compete for the top spot
  2. Ps sorry to hear about your step dad. Hope all goes well.
  3. I used to use Food and Wine jerk recipe as my go to but now I sort of make it up as I go. The combination of spring onions, chillie and all spice is amazing. I encourage you to make the marinade next time!
  4. It is definitely one of my favs. There were a few people that hadn't had one before and their minds were blown!! I don't think you can go past a home made pastrami. Amazing taste for the effort.
  5. So Im lucky enough to live next to a mate who over the lock down period has gotten into baking. He has a sour dough starter he's been cultivating and he often drops over a loaf when he bakes. On the weekend he mentioned he was doing a rye loaf. My reply was reuben party? So I had to cheat a bit and bought a corned beef. Spiced it up and let it sit for about 12 hours. Smoked in about 7 hours. Over to my mates place for fresh reuben sandwiches and an impromtu Xmas drink.. We may have just started a new tradition! I forgot to get a photo of it sliced up and added my mates dough shot.
  6. Sorry haven't been on for a but and only just saw this. I cheat with the potatoes a bit. Par boil then and then let them dry out. Heat up a cast iron skillet with a load of oil in on the stove. Pop in the potatoes toss them around and then put it into a hot oven @200c for about 40 minutes. Flipping half way through. At the flip I tend to put a spatulor on and squash them a bit. For an extra rich dish can use duck fat instead of oil. I sometimes put in garlic or rosemary. Thymes another one too.
  7. Thank you. Nothing better than a quality rib eye! The chopping board is camphor laurel. Not sure what the ends are, all though its probably the same and been stained. It used to have a really beautiful smell which has faded over the years
  8. Thanks. I almost forgot to take that photo. I did forget to post this one though.
  9. It's a flavoured salt/rub. Here's One. I think it's an aussie thing but if you can get your hands on it so worth a try. I also use this sometimes Too. This goes on fish, chicken and potatoes.
  10. I do potato cubes on the griddle all the time. Roll them in oil, a rub or chicken salt, and on to the bbq. Depending on how hot is 10 to 20 minutes with a flip or two in there. They get nice and crispy. My kids love them.
  11. This is probably a bit late but in case not or if you get a chance to pick up another hanger steak you should definetly try this recipe from momofuku. Amazing fresh flavours.
  12. Off. No way. Went straight in my belly! Thought Id splurge on a 1kg black angus cattlemans for my birthday. Was so worth it. Kept it simple, a rub of salt, pepper and garlic. On the kj at about 180c. Was on for about 30 minutes before I pulled it off for resting. Was 56c IT. Then opened up the vents while it rested. Seared for a couple of minutes either side. Served it up with a homemade bernaise sauce, crispy potatoes and a rocket salad.
  13. Thats the same recipe I use for chomichurri! Agree its the best Ive found. Ive tried a bunch over the years but I find I just keep coming back to this one.
  14. Thanks. Was delish! My photo skills dont really do it justice
  15. Hi all, The other day when I was at my favourite place on earth - the butcher, I picked up an Argentinian Entrana steak. I wasnt sure what it was but figured it seemed like a flank or skirt steak. So I thought Id give it a go. Got home, did my research and its basically skirt steak. Which is one of my favs so totally happy. Marinated in a chimichurri marinade. Then grilled at a high temp, flipping every 30 seconds or so till it was internal temp of 55c. Served up with a bit of grilled corn, a tomato salad and sweet potato chips.
  16. Lambs my favourite and I cook it a lot. That looks great. Try on a rotisserrie over coals. Amazing!
  17. I bank coals to the back and use an alluminium Bbq tray. The disposable ones. So i can shape it to fit under what ever im cooking. I have a kj classic 2 and just dont find that it has enough room at the bottom to bank the coals to both sides.
  18. Im pretty happy with the purchase so far. Once lock down restrictions are over i can see more use as ee have pizza parties for the kids. And making it easier to turn them out.
  19. I have always done pizzas on a pizza stone seperated with some brackets on my deflector plates. I had the same delema as what you describe until yesterday. I bought a dojo and cooked my first pizza on there. Was excellent. Pros definitely easy to use. Pizzas came off the peel easy and i could see how they were cooking. Cooked them lower than i normally do but i think that is actually safer given i have warped the firebox rim thing in the past after a pizza session. Was all in all a really easy successful night. Will be using it next time we do pizzas definitely. I am happy with the purchase.
  20. Pizza always is. Even bad pizza!! Thanks. I was very happy with the puff in the crust. Need to work on stretching them out a bit bigger though.
  21. As the title says, I got some vouchers from my work so decided to splurge on a dojo. Ive been using a pizza stone seprated by some brackets on my dividers. Has given me awesome pizzas. This has worked well enough but figured as I had the vouchers was worth getting. Any way, couple of pics from the first session last night. Was really pleased with the result. Cooked between 600 and 650 which is a little lower than normal. About 4 to 5 minutes each. Did 4 pizzas. Had about half a bowl of charcoal left. I did pull the dojo out and closed the kj once finished cooking.
  22. Sorry, dont think Ive logged on since I posted this. Yes scotch fillet is the rib eye roast without bones. In Oz when I think rib eye I really only think of it as a bone in steak. All other cuts are called scotch fillet. Whole or steak. Whatever you call it, it has to be my favourite cut! Damn delicious
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