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  1. Couple of butts with Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce (not sure where I developed that taste being a state or 2 away but there it is) and a side of Kentucky. Lessons learned: Don't wait until afternoon of 7/3 to buy butts for 7/4 If you think you may be low on charcoal buy more while at Wal-mart even though they have zero butts in the counter and the checkout line in the garden center is backed up with people buying carts load of groceries.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Maybe I like my ribs a little on the softer side. The last few times I cooked ribs (on my old Akorn) I used 3-2-1(ish) method. Most were how I thought ribs should be. The very last time on the Akorn the bark never set and the ribs were mush. Thought I'd try unfoiled with the BJ. Ribs just felt a little dry and rubbery. I'll keep at it to find my sweet spot and maybe back off the basting a little.
  3. Bought a Big Joe late last year and finally got around to smoking some ribs. Filled the bowl with lump and started fire with one starter cube in middle. St. Louis cut and rubbed 2 slabs of spare ribs while the grill was sneaking up to 225 (~1.5 hours). Target was 225-250 (Redi Chek with probe on grate). Put ribs, tips, and miscellaneous yummies on grill at stabilized 230. Grill sneaked up to 264 after an hour or so. Adjusted top vent accordingly and waited for response. Temperature dropped to 224. Again, adjusted top vent slightly. Stabilized at 235ish for 3 hours. Popped lid at 3 hours to baste with apple juice. After closing lid the temperature climbed to 278 or so. Basted every 30 minutes or so and temperature continued to climb between bastings. Eventually broke the 300 mark. Pulled the ribs at ~6 hours. Ribs folded over almost 90 degrees when picked up in the middle with tongs with no splitting or tearing. Color was nice mahogany on meat side with bottom side a little dark (burnt). Tips looked a little over done - especially on thin end. Ribs had good flavor but almost rubbery texture. Pulled from bone easily but not fall off the bone. Questions: Sounds like under-cooked but really don't want to overcook. What say you? How do I prevent grill from exceeding set temperature when basting? I've seen numerous videos with people leaving lid open far longer than I with no complaints. How is this? Sorry for the rookie questions but please help.
  4. Been fighting with an Akorn for several years. Food was good but need for constant attention while smoking was somewhat (very) annoying and grill was showing age. Akorn now replaced with Big Joe. Likely more than I need but, "I bought too much grill", said no one ever. Brought it home last weekend, assembled, fired it up, messed with temp control for a couple of hours while watching UGA spank the other team from Alabama, then grilled a few steaks. So far, so good. Looking forward to some ribs and butts. Cheers!
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