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  1. coolpapabill

    Spatchcock chicken , vegetables, and potatoes

    pmillien , Tray under the Grill Expander , so you get all the drippings on the vegetables ( add a cup of stock). Also , I just sliced a whole head of garlic in half , and separated the cloves threw them in with the skins on. They'll come out like roasted garlic , little nuggets of heaven. Forgot to add indirect cook , with heat deflector
  2. coolpapabill

    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    Great plate of food , I'll definitely be making the Zucchini Gratin soon.
  3. coolpapabill

    Spatchcock chicken , vegetables, and potatoes

    Thanks everyone. Only been cooking on The Kamado Joe for 2 months , but have getting great results. pmillen most of the directions are in the original post above. I will post exact directions in the Poultry section of Recipes. Just used olive oil , salt , pepper , and Herbs de Provence as seasoning ,btw.
  4. coolpapabill

    Taller Stand for Joe Jr.

    I'm planning on adding a Joe Jr. as well to go with my Classic II , and have thought about different ideas to elevate it. One idea was to use a half wine barrel planter flipped upside down as a platform. They are 18" tall which should be perfect height , very stable , and I think it might look pretty cool with a Junior. You can get them at Lowes or Home Depot for about $40 to $50.
  5. Did a spatchcock chicken tonight . Cooked on the grill expander with a tray of red bliss potatoes , baby carrots , sweet onions , garlic , butternut squash , brussels sprouts , and Mexican green onions. Cooked at 350 degrees on Fogo Premium with a couple chunks of Cherry and Pecan wood. Went 1hour then added the sprouts to tray and Mexican onions on the rack next to the chicken. Let it go for another 30 minutes. Everything came out perfectly cooked.
  6. coolpapabill

    New Kamado Joe Cart

    gotzero Thanks , was worried about them being overpriced if they were not built real well. I like the design a lot. Plus living in New Mexico the dry climate is very hard of wood, so that is a big plus as well.
  7. coolpapabill

    New Kamado Joe Cart

    Anybody have a chance to to see, handle,or own the new Kamado Joe Cart ? If so what are your impressions. Thanks
  8. coolpapabill

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    John , thanks for all your input on this. I do 2 or 3 pizzas every Saturday night. Make my own dough and sauce ,and try to bake them around 600 degrees. The DoJoe looks like a great addition to all the other accessories I own. Will be buying one when they are available. Cheaper than an outdoor pizza oven.
  9. coolpapabill

    SOLD: KJ Original Classic & Jr

    How can these still be available ???
  10. coolpapabill

    Another pizza success

    Thanks , coking 2 every weekend one pretty traditional and the other unconventional. Always try and do every fresh as possible and homemade.
  11. coolpapabill

    Another pizza success

    Here is the 2nd pizza from last night. The classic here New Mexico. Hatch Green Chili and Pepperoni , home made 24 hour dough and sauce.
  12. coolpapabill

    Another pizza success

    The cutter is piece of art. Hand made by Charles Cooke of Studio Northern Lights. Picked it up brand new on eBay at a great price. Very heavy and razor sharp. Here is a pic
  13. coolpapabill

    Another pizza success

    Did a couple more pizzas this afternoon. First one was a Fig , blue cheese , prosciutto , and arugula pie. 24 hour crust , drizzle of high quality olive oil , spread of fig jam topped with dried figs , cheeses were fresh mozzarella and blue cheese. Finally caramelized balsamic onions and prosciutto. 12 minute cook at 550. Topped with a handful of baby arugula. Sweet , salty , and savory . A real gastronomic delight.
  14. coolpapabill

    SOLD: KJ Original Classic & Jr

    Worth driving a long long distance to pickup that deal.
  15. coolpapabill

    Pizza tonight

    Thanks everyone