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  1. Sorry for late reply! Order one for classic joe. Works perfect!
  2. It does work great! Thanks for posting video!
  3. Where's all the lump charcoal at Walmart? I've been using Royal oak for 3 years and never had a problem. Hasn't been on shelves since before June. Dam covid...
  4. Jamaican jerk chicken thighs tonight. 400 degrees indirect heat for around 50 minutes. Spicey!
  5. Royal Oak Lump is non-existent in Rochester NY. It has been for at least a month. I was able to pick some Frontier at Home Depot before Fathers's day. BJ's has 30lb. bags of Frontier. I've never had a problem before getting Royal Oak lump. Briquettes no issue.
  6. Atter watching your video I ordered Joetissorie! First cook tonight check out my post.
  7. Welcome! I've had my Akorn for 3 years now Great kamado. I use mine at least 3 times /week all year round, sunny, cloudy, 5 degrees F out. I don't care. Love it.
  8. First cook on Joetissorie on the Akorn, and yes it fits perfect! I used a combination rub of KC's and Dinasour BBQ Cajun Foreplay. (Dinasour BBQ is the BEST BBQ restaurant in NY State) I also made a paste with same ingredients and rubbed under breast skin and inside cavity. Akorn running at 400-425 deg. Amazing flavor!
  9. The last time I did a chuck roast I put a light coating of BBQ sauce and a very small amount of apple juice while a wrapped in heavy duty aluminium foil. I really liked the taste when spooning the liquid on meat after slicing.
  10. Jake's grilling sauce is also really good, sold at Wegmans! Can't beat Dinosaur for BBQ!!
  11. Height adjustable tray is not needed. Get rid of the briquettes and use lump charcoal. Lump burns hotter and VERY LITTLE ASH. I use my Akorn 3 times a week all year round. Winters are cold in Rochester NY doesn't matter! Just set up 2 zone cooking and sear steaks and put to the side to finish off. Adjust dampers to control heat and flame. I purchased the aftermarket (fake) divide and conquer system (Kamado Joe) with a half moon deflector stone. Works awesome for indirect cooking. The metal fire bowl on the Akorn doesn't have a wide edge for rack to sit on so I added small clamps as a shelf for rack system. I also enjoy using cast iron grates so I purchased half moon grate.
  12. I live in Rochester NY, I use my Akorn 2-3 times per week all winter long. Place at garage door enjoy the 10 degree weather with a beer!
  13. You can either just put lump on one side or use Weber indirect charcoal basket to have the 2 zones. When I'm cooking steaks, chicken breasts, or pork tenderloin I set up this method, let grill heat up and place meat on indirect side. The grate will be hot enough to sear your 1-2" steaks and indirect cook to perfection at the same time without scorching the meat. Lowes now sells Kamado Joe, I was in store the other day and put the divide and conquer system in the Akorn. It fit well but the cooking grate was about 2" above where the Akorn grate would be .
  14. I coat ribs with worstshier dust and BBQ seasoning and rest did hours. Indirect heat 280 deg. 3/4 way through I coat with BBQ sure and wrap in foil. Amazing flavor!
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