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  1. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is a time of scorching temperatures. However we are still exposed to the familiar tunes and culinary desires of a Northern, cold Christmas. With temperatures at 40 degrees C (104 Fahrenheit) turning on the oven was not a favourable choice and so placing big bird in the Kamado was the sound choice. Only had a KJ for a couple of month now, and the first time I had ever cooked a turkey (regardless of cooking appliance). It was a success!! Some say I’ve now graduated to an adult now that the bird has been conquered, albeit 15
  2. As soon as you install the app on a second device it configures it all itself so, yes it is simple. I was rather explaining what it does/how it works to what you need to do. As soon as I pull the Meater out of the holder it activates. Just open the app to configure a cook or monitor temp.
  3. Meater have released a Meater+ which has a more powerful Bluetooth range for those who have connectivity issues in their setups. Personally with my brick house I don’t have an issue with the standard model connecting to my iPad that I leave on our dining room table 15 feet away from the Kamado. The iPad then bounces the data to the internet which I can then access from my phone anywhere in the world or ask Alexa for updates. Being a smart device they are banking on their market based having multiple devices to use it on. I’ve used it four times on low and sl
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome team !
  5. Hi John, This is a fantastic and helpful read like all of your content. A bit late to the party as a new joiner to the forum however I have a question about stuffing. Traditionally (for my family at least) is we brine the bird and stuff it with a giblet, pork mince, aromatics and bread stuffing and cook it in a regular oven. I want to attempt a Kamado Turkey this year and I have an air cooled, fresh never frozen 13 lb bird on order. With all the videos/recipes I have found online so far, they either go without stuffing, just use aromatics (large onion and appl
  6. Hi all, Glad to be part of this forum. I'm a IT Consultant from Sydney Australia and moved to Canberra about 5 years ago. Was inspired to get a smoker / charcoal grill thanks to a buddy of mine in Indianapolis. When I visited him a couple of years back, he cooked up a fantastic rack of ribs, pork but and some chicken in his Webber Smokey Mountain. I got my first Kamado this week (Kamado Joe Classic II) and fired it up for the first time yesterday for its inaugural cook. Reverse sear tomahawks inspired by John's approach (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWKr3JHPGTI
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