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  1. Hi, I'm originally from South Africa now residing in Oz for about last 20 years. Traditionally cooked on open wood coals pretty fast. Low and slow was usually in cast iron. Low and slow hopefully will become part of my repertoire on my Big Joe and classic. My wife thought 2 Joe's excessive. Couldn't really argue considering theres only the two of us and she's vegetarian!!!! I'ts all good. I'm getting the hang of temp control and had a few simple cooks, thanks to all the contributors on this site. Cooked a small prime rib on the joetisserie. Sorry was too distracted so no photo's this time. I did struggle maintaining a low temperature. I assume I will need to regulate fire size due to leaky characteristic of the joetisserie. Hope to contribute as learn as I stumble along. Seasons greetings to all. Ciao Rob
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