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  1. I'm not sure when this was originally posted, site only says March 1st. Has this been resolved yet? I've had my Meater Block for the better part of a year now. So I wasnt sure if you had received yours yet.
  2. Yes, that is why I was using 2 crescent wrench to adjust the nut. But it would eventually stop and get stuck I would test to see if the lid would still close and it does... So I attempt to muscle it and the smaller wrench just slips... I prob need to find a 10mm the one supplied by KJ is a 11.
  3. Has anybody had any problems with adjusting their air lift hinge? I have a Big Joe and the nut when turning is turning the bolt also. So I use 2 wrenches and the nut will move a little but then get stuck. Can't get it to budge if I try to force it the wrench on the bolt eventually slips and I'm worried about stripping the bolt. Any tips would be great!
  4. I'm looking to do your recipe... What was the temp of your grill? and internal temp of 62? C? of F? edit: after looking at where you are located you were saying 62c hehe
  5. Niru

    Hello from Jax Fl

    yes sir!!! cant wait to get grilling!
  6. Niru

    Hello from Jax Fl

    Haha true story I've seen pictures already! For now I'll just get a cover for when I'm not using it.
  7. Niru

    Hello from Jax Fl

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! I can't wait to get mine! I think I will try to build something like you suggest just going to have to do some research! Anybody got some links to what you liked?
  8. I to backed them LONG before their completion. I also had the Meater Block ordered, Have you received yours yet? Because mine came in the mail about a month ago! I haven't had the chance to use it yet... but I hope to soon.
  9. Hey guys! I just ordered my kamado Joe big Joe and I'm super excited! It's supposed to be delivered Monday! Yahoo! But have 1 concern... I do not have a covered patio... I do plan on getting a cover to put on it but how well do our kamado hold up? Anything I should look out for? I should also add that I have a Weber Smokey Mountain which served me good for 3 years, still works great but it was time for an upgrade! Thanks in advanced!
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