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  1. sorry, I have a really stupid question. is it generally a bad idea to try to reuse unfinished wood blocks? some of my cooks came out with a really bad burn taste. I think I know why now. Some cooks I reused old wood chips. can someone confirm my suspicions?
  2. This was the goal. but i don't think brisket is a newbie friendly cut. I'm going to work with pork for a while until I figure somethings out and come back to this. if you have links to any videos or reading material, i'll be sure to check it out. for now, i think the next project is pork butt.
  3. so do everything 1 shot? because in thirds thats already 4 lbs per cut. I kind of get what you mean though. the last cut had a lot of fat on it. I wished it was partitioned differently.
  4. so inject it when its raw? or smoke it for a while then pull it out and inject, then put it back in?
  5. i've never heard of this. so do i just put the seasoning in a bowl of water? I do have a pretty good injector.
  6. Thank you everyone for taking time to reply. I did this 2 more times after this. 2nd time came out really tender and juicy. but it was bland because I under seasoned it. 3rd time was probably the best, but was still a hard fail. the meat was tender and had great texture, but the outside bark was way to salty, and the inside bland to my standards but not as bad as the second time. I have no idea how to penetrate the inside without over seasoning the outside. for my third try i seasoned with salt and pepper and left it in the fridge overnight. i'm not sure if i'm using the right salt. fine crystal sea salt from trader joes? anyway, i feel like the temp and time was right, but I just don't know how to season this huge piece of meat. Any more help would be much appreciated. but for the time being, I'm going to take some of the other guys advice and work with pork first.
  7. for my first cook, I did beef brisket. I cut a 16 pound brisket into 3rds. It was a complete and utter failure. the meat was tough, overly salty, and dry.please help me get better.
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