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  1. Ok, thank you... .I'm going to try and find a different adapter then.
  2. Polarity doesn't work either way and yes, the adapter is ac to dc. It should work, but doesn't.
  3. It's the standard four AA's. My adapter is 6v, 1A.
  4. First, I really like my Partyq, and it works great for long smokes. I don't like worrying about batteries. So, like a lot of people, I googled it and found the mod to make it work with an adapter. Except mine doesn't. I know the adapter is good, because I put a multi meter on the two fake batteries and got right around 6 volts. It does nothing when in the Partyq though. No power. My Partyq seems like a newer model than what I found online for the mod. Did the maker somehow disable that ability with magic?
  5. I've had my Akorn for a few months now. Prior to that I had several charcoal and offsets, a succession of propane smokers and even a Pit Barrel that I just sold to finance my Akorn. Sort of. I'll keep my current propane for as long as it lasts, and then replace it with another. The one thing I like about it that the Adorn doesn't offer is capacity. Sometimes I need to do 8 racks of ribs and/ or several chickens or pork butts. The Akorn just can't do that. I've been using it for everything else though. Attached is a flat I did yesterday. It turned out great, very moist. I'm used to a heavier smoke in the propane and am still trying to decide if I need to up the wood in the Akorn.
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