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  1. Pete828

    FireBoard Drive + Blower + BJ

    Just did a quick search for pit viper in kamado Joe to use with my fireboard. Thank you for taking the time in writing this article in providing pictures. Very helpful
  2. Pete828

    Pulled the trigger on a KJ

    Gloves- I'm confused.. Should I get 2 pair? One for handling hot food and another for handling hot grates etc?
  3. Pete828

    Anyone make some sort of canopy or small shelter?

    What kind of clearance do I need above the KJ so the heat won't melt vinyl siding? I have a deck in the back which is covered and roughly 8 feet high I was wondering about putting the cage a underneath it. What are your thoughts?
  4. Pete828

    Pulled the trigger on a KJ

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm trying not to go overboard by buying a new thermostat / fan. I'm looking at the fireboard which looks pretty cool.
  5. Pete828

    Pulled the trigger on a KJ

    Hello! I ordered the KJ Classic II yesterday and I'm now looking for needed accessories and recipes for my first cool. Looking forward to reading everyone's ideas and experience.