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  1. Hey Everybody, So last week I was cleaning out the garden and thought it might be fun to burn off the sticks and twiggs in my blaze so I fired it up. I got to a temp of about 350°C and it lasted quite come time, when the fire died out, I had a look inside and it turned my blaze into a brand new machine. The opening of the lid was just for show of course I kept it closed for the rest of the time. Hope you guys enjoy.
  2. as a blaze owner I can put some weight in their camp, the Blaze kamado is insane. The construction is so over-engeniered I doubt I'll ever be able to kill it. The look is fantastic, like a futuristic space age rocket. Functionality wise its also a blast, easy to clean, (no firebox to remove). I have never had any issues with heat control. You light it up 10-15min later you are at cooking temp and when you close all fans, about 20min later the fire is dead. It will retain heat for a lot longer though. with a full batch I was able to cook for 15h straight and still had plenty left. They claim yo
  3. Great looking prime rib! I'm going to make it for the first time tomorrow, how much time should I recon? Bought about 3kg bone in.
  4. I second the @ckreef's notion to check out Thermoworks. Their Smoke is an awesome thermometer that has an optional WiFi unit you can connect to your network. The question that remains for me is: what will you do if you see your fire is dying or picking up wind and temp is rising? Maybe an option like a flameboss or Ikamand is also worth looking at? Depending on what type of BBQ you will use it for of course.
  5. Hey Guys, I feel there must already be a review out there about the Thermoworks Smoke but I can't seem to find it right away so here goes mine: The smoke is a 2 probe permanent thermometer which means you can read 2 individual temps on the same base console (for instance pit and meat). In the standard package, you get a meat probe and an ambient temp probe. Neither one of the probes are fast but they are very accurate if you leave them in long enough. (I have used them as a replacement for a pop reader and it can take up to 20 secs before you ge
  6. In the second pic, is that all the meat that was left? that is the biggest shrinkage I've ever seen! Must have been sooo smokey (drool)
  7. I know what you mean! First time I laid eyes on it I knew this was the kamado for me to have, build like nothing I have ever seen before in the bbq scene. everything seems over-engineered to last a lifetime. Aluminium is not the most easy product to clean, especially in combination with the heat and the grease but its such an awesome looking beast, it would be a shame to powdercoat the outer shell. I've used mine 6 times over the last 2 weeks and I fall more in love every time :). Because I don't have a way to keep it out of the rain, I've bought the official raincover from Blaze. The cover
  8. Another question: what tool do you guys use to lift out the grates?
  9. I've done both and I can't tell the difference. Neither can the wife. the reason I use an empty can is because that way I can drink whatever was inside it :D.
  10. Made a little stop at the local butcher shop yesterday and picked up a 2kg chicken. Rub: salt - pepper - turmeric - chilli - origano You might notice the 'boobs' on the chicken breasts, these are actually lime parts that I filled with butter. They are placed between the meat and the skin and the butter mixes with the limejuice and enters the breasts to give them a nice full taste with a little acid kick. Also, I kept the can empty, so no Coke Zero was involved. Sides where simple: grilled carrots and sweet potatoes that I cut in Julienne with r
  11. On my offset if I wanted to lower the heat (without opening the firebox) I would close off all airflow to the fire and open up the top vent all the way to remove hot air without adding airflow to the fire. I would imagin this work on a kamado as well, however I've tried it last Sunday and it seemed to take a lot longer than on my offset. I started looking on the internet and found someone who said you should close all vents, wait for temp drop, then open the lid for a couple seconds, close it again, wait for them to drop, open again etc untill the wanted temp is reached.
  12. Also using a headlight here: I have this one https://www.nitecorestore.com/Nitecore-NU20-LED-Rechargeable-Headlamp-p/fl-nite-nu20.htm It looks like it won't work at all but it's actually super bright, easy rechargeable with micro usb and has a great autonomy. Definitely recommend it!
  13. Thx for the kind words, I'll try not to forget but usually I'm so excited to start eating I forget to take a picture if I remember to take a picture, I'll be sure to post it . Last summer I did a Lamb Asado and made a little GIF about it though, here it is: googlephotos-dfd1b5679e2d67adb91bb41fe824be6574fe501a.mp4
  14. Mine came with the 4-1 plate aswell, used by the previous owner. Its also a little bent and shows a ton of patina from being used as a deflector shield. Anybody had the bending issue being covered under the lifetime warranty?
  15. Hey Everyone, I've bought a Blaze Kamado a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting the hang of using a Kamado over my previous Offset smoker. Yesterday I did a rack of beef ribs on 110°C for 10h, they turned out great but the cook didn't go perfect. and I would like to get some tips and tricks from you all. Here goes: - It was pouring rain here yesterday: how do you guys keep rain out from the top vent? - At one point, wind picked up something fierce and temp got raised to 200°C so I turned off all air vents. 1h later, my fire was dead and I
  16. Hey everybody, New member from Belgium here. Just a quick introduction: I'm 31y old male, married and have 2 little boys running around the house. I've been passionate about BBQ's and grilling for as long as I can remember but discovered smoking only a couple years ago when I bought an second hand Oklahoma Joe Offset smoker. That BBQ kicked my ### for over 6 months until I finally got the hang of it and since then I've used it about 1-2 a week for cooking most anything. Couple months ago I did a cooking workshop on a Kamado Joe because I wanted to find how different
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