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  1. Amazing juicy brisket and perfect smoke ring!
  2. @KismetKamadoThank you! I've been trying to work on taking better photos of my food so I'm glad to hear that's coming through
  3. Hey! I want to share some photos of the Tomahawk I just cooked...my first one! As it was a beautiful 100 day dry aged Tomahawk Ribeye, I seasoned it very simply with high quality salt. I then smoked it in my Kamado Joe classic at 325 with one chunk of pecan wood, and finished it at over direct heat on the low grate at 650. I also wrapped the bone in foil once it got the color I wanted so that it wouldn't burn. Next time I would probably sear it on a high grate, as one side of the steak got a bit more color than I wanted. I served it with a home made Bone Marrow Butter, that I
  4. Looks incredible - I'll definitely be making this!
  5. Thank you! I'm excited to have such positive feedback from you all. I wish I could post videos of the squeeze test because the juice was really running
  6. Looks amazing - very cool how you were able to get the crust that perfect!
  7. Sounds amazing! I'll have to try it with lamb
  8. Thanks! I highly recommend making those toppings with any pork taco...none of them were hard at all.
  9. Awesome taco and great pictures too! Those look perfect for a hot LA summer day by the pool...
  10. Wow! I've never seen anything like this. I will 100% be making this soon...
  11. Awesome! Thank you! I highly recommend this recipe...it was super easy and really delicious.
  12. Hey everyone! Made these gorgeous pork belly tacos tonight and would love to share how I did them. I was going for some Mexican and Asian flavors, and couldn't have been happier with the result. The only issue at all was a light spot on the pork due to liquid pooling there during the cook because the belly was a bit big for my standard Joe and I had to scrunch it a little. PORK BELLY 1. I brined it for about 14 hours in a mix of pineapple juice, teriyaki, and soy sauce after scoring the fat sight relatively deeply 2. Dried the belly and rubbed it with Kill
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