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  1. One reason to sear on the grill is that using a hot cast iron skillet creates a ton of smoke. So unless you have a good hood, doing it outside avoids smoking out the house.
  2. I purchased my grill in December and finally got around to using it Sunday afternoon. I have been cooking sous vide and using a cast iron pan lately, but the smoke has been terrible. For or my first time grilling, I decided on baked potatoes, steaks and asparagus. Started the fire with a twisted paper towel wetted with vegetable oil. The fire got hotter than intended, and stayed hotter than intended. I started with the potatoes and let them cook for nearly an hour above the heat deflector. Then I added the raw steaks, and eventually the asparagus that were prepared with some oil and seasoning. I was prepared for disaster but everything came out delicious. I forgot to open up the vents for the sear, but as I said, the grill was hot.
  3. Very nice. I can't wait to break my KJC2 in!
  4. In that case though, wouldn't you take the probe out of the meat because it is essentially cooked by the time you get to searing it?
  5. I am very new to grilling, but was wondering whether anybody actually sears a steak with a probe thermometer connected. If you have your kamado joe temperature at 325, and are cooking indirectly, does it often get away from you so that the temperature zooms up to to 575? I haven't received my joe yet, but would be very disappointed if this is the case.
  6. The trick is to buythese one trick ponies from businesses that won't fail. I think you are safe with the Joule since there are basically only two sous vide sticks on the market that anybody has ever heard of.
  7. Thanks for the warm, 225F welcome. I was contemplating purchasing a table but for now I will have to make due with the nest and side tables that are coming with it. I imagine once it is set up I will never move it to a table.... still that JJGeorge table looks sweet... https://www.amazon.com/JJ-George-Grill-Classic-Kamado/dp/B07F1VPFQJ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1544819454&sr=8-4&keywords=kamado+joe+table+jjgeorge
  8. I'm expecting my Komodo Classic II after Christmas. I bought it because it was on sale at Amazon and decided to rush into spending $900 on something I knew nothing about. Because, that's how I roll. I was a vegetarian for 20 years and fell off the wagon two years ago. Recently, I acquires a Sous Vide stick and have made some tasty steaks and pork chops. I bake artisan bread and have a pizzaparty pizza oven which I do not use as much as I had hoped. I think I'd prefer an indoor pizza oven over having to walk across the yard to the patio... Speaking of which, are people comfortable placing their grill on a wood deck? I am considering placing it on a deck that I can get to through my family room as I have no way to access the deck from my kitchen. Alternatively I would put it on the patio with the pizza oven but I don't want to ignore my grill like I do the pizza oven.
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