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  1. Nietzsche

    Grüetzi from Switzerland

    Willkommen im Club. Jetzt müssen wir nur noch rausfinden wie wir den big joe für Raclette nutzen können
  2. Nietzsche


    Welcome to the club. But be warned, kJ bbqing is veeeery addictive
  3. Nietzsche

    Kamado Joe dealership in Orlando area?

    If you are looking for specific big joe accessories then amazon is your best bet. For all other Kamado grill accessories: Megabyte BBQ supply in Winter Garden (which is next to Orlando) or Ace Hardware, several stores in the Orlando Area, are the places to go.
  4. Hi, I could use some advice on how to smoke a small Boston butt , 1 1/2 lbs only. Same temp and time as for bigger cuts? I’m concerned that it gets to dry. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Nietzsche

    Vacuum Sealers

    Chamber vacuum from vacmaster, has the ability to vacuum these yummy homemade pasta sauce for freezing. Only downside: needs a lot of counter space
  6. Nietzsche

    Hi from Orlando

    As I haven’t used a kamado before my first cook will be a Boston butt, and then I go from there
  7. Nietzsche

    Hi from Orlando

    Hi everyone, just bought my KAMADO Joe as an Amazon deal. Was looking for one for a quite a while and this deal was to good to let it pass. Only downside is, I have to wait until Tuesday for delivery . I already got tons of info from this forum and I can’t wait to fire up the grill