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  1. I have emailed a few days ago after figuring out who made them. I'll check out the link. I don't recall having registered but what could it hurt? Worse case they say no. Thanks.
  2. Just signed up yesterday. Got a warm welcome in the introduction forum. My firebox is rusting and has developed several holes the size of a half dollar. I purchased a kick ash basket, removed the cast iron charcoal grate and gave it a whirl. Love the basket, but with the extra holes in the box it's difficult to regulate temps, so no lo & slow and just steaks and such for now. And more holes are inevitable. Me and ol Bubba have been friends going on 10, 11 years, but I think I may have to put him out to pasture. Before I do, though, I was wondering if anyone has replaced theirs with a ceramic firebox from say, BGE or KJ etc, and if so was it a good idea. If not maybe some feedback on if it's possible (size, supports, etc). Thanks. Meanwhile I'll pester the powers that be for a new kamado
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I had never heard of the Blaze kamado so Googled it. Very very nice, and a price to go with it. Not too hopeful that the wife will buy off on it. She said she's got my request. LOL. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  4. Hello, came across this forum while searching for parts for my Bubba Keg. Have had it for I guess about 10 years or so. Have somewhat enjoyed it over the years but have dealt with rust. I need a new firebowl but after no luck finding parts it may end up being a tomato pot! Contemplating a ceramic and just nix the bubba. Maybe in the new year. See you around the forums.
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