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  1. This is beautiful. I am going to try to do something similar with my Big Joe and Joe Jr. Do you happen to have any dimensions documented anywhere to help jumpstart me? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your sympathies! I was bummed too. I sent an email to KJ and will probably hear back after the holiday. Stuff happens!
  3. Thanks for your help, all! I was all excited to move forward and laid my Copper down. I then went to put the gasket on and...well...I’m not happy. Looks like they sent me the wrong size. Both pre-cut pieces line up to be about 6” too short. I’m guessing they are for a classic. Grr!
  4. Just got the fiberglass gasket replacement kit for my old Joe. Cleaned off all the old gasket with a scraper, brush and acetone. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the gasket to stick to the ceramic. The 3M adhesive doesn't seem to be very sticky. Is this a defect, the cold weather or is something else wrong? I also got some of that Copper that @John Setzler recommended. Would that help it stick or make the problem worse? Thanks!
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