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  1. Mace

    Stable low temp

    Now that sounds exactly like what I’m seeing! I also get to temperature much faster than an hour so will try the slow build and take my time getting to the temp I want.
  2. Mace

    Stable low temp

    Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I haven’t had the chance at another low and slow cook but will try some of your tips. I have been considering getting a basket because it sure looks convenient but I know I should be able to hit and maintain 225 without it. I’m using BGE charcoal and the quality seems to be very good but maybe I should try another. To SeaBrisket’s question “just below 225” is between 215 and 220. As for the basket, people seem to have “issues” with both the KJ and KAB. Some don’t like the KJ’s “hooks” and, on Amazon at least, some are complaining that the KAB rusts through within a year but I’m not sure though how Amazon aggregates comments. For instance, you’ll see reviews for the KJ Classic KAB mixed into the section on the Big Joe. I know the KAB has evolved and is supposed to be using fairly large gauge stainless steel now so I’m wondering if the rust complaints are actually for the older style as real stainless should have close to zero rust. Thoughts?
  3. Mace

    Stable low temp

    Loving my new KBJ but have found it difficult/impossible to get a fire stabilized at 225 which is my preferred temp for low and slow. Getting and keeping the grill going at 275-300 is no problem but when I try 225-250 I always seem to snuff the fire out. I stir my old charcoal, clean out all of the ash, add new charcoal in a “well” dug into the old (I dig the well down to the charcoal grate), and light the fire in the center. Following recommendations from the forum I keep a much larger load in the firebox then I did at first so I’m not running out of fuel. After lighting I keep the bottom vent full open and dome up for 10-15 minutes then add the deflectors and grates and close the lid. I leave the vents wide open for a short time until the temp hits 150-175 and the smoke clears. I then close the bottom vent to about 1” and top to about half-way between the second and third lines (the first line being closed) to slow the temperature rise. Once the grill is a bit below 225 I need to close the upper vent to half-way between the first (closed) line and second and the bottom vent to between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch otherwise the temp will keep climbing but this is where I snuff the fire. If I add more air to keep the fire going the temp goes up and the lowest I can keep the fire going is 275-300. When I open the vents to get the fire going again during the cook I’ll get the same acrid smoke that you get when lighting the charcoal the first time which, of course, doesn’t taste great. Anyone see what I’m doing wrong here?
  4. Mace

    Dumb question

    Well, did my prime rib the other day and filled the charcoal to the top (okay, about an inch from the top). Low and slow at 215-225 for about 4.5 hrs then pulled the roast and D&C assembly out to reconfigure it and opened the vents figuring it would take 10 minutes or so to get hot enough for the sear...wrong! In the few minutes needed to reconfigure the D&C I checked and the temps were shooting through 550. After getting the D&C back in I was near 700 so the extra charcoal really added some horsepower to bring the temps up for the sear. Really, really happy with the results! Thanks for the recommendations and happy new year!
  5. Mace

    Dumb question

    Thanks guys. To the top it goes! I’ve done two cooks so far and filled only the bottom, pretty much similar to the amount of brickets I’ve used in a regular grill. Worked great on the low and slow but definitely ran a bit short when I jacked the temp up for a sear. I’ll be doing a rib roast in a couple of days and won’t be shy again with the charcoal!
  6. Mace

    Dumb question

    Really? Seems a bit excessive but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the info.
  7. Mace

    Dumb question

    Hi folks, new owner of a Big Joe as an early Christmas present from the wife. So, here’s the dumb question. How full is a “full fire box?” The segmented bowl is huge and could probably take 40lbs of charcoal. I’m guessing that “full” would be up to the holes in the center of each segment. Is that a good reference?
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