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  1. WOW! thanks everyone for posting... SO many great looking meals i did some baby backs on the 4th for my lovely bride and i and our eldest... everyone else was doing other stuff... they cam out pretty well (friday night) saturday i did a butt... ran into some trouble with the fire though... good and hot friday night at 2130 when i put on the butt... overnight went fine until saturday morning when the fire DIED round 0530... internal was at 170*... went out side, had to restart the fire and wait for it to come up while the
  2. BOMB DANG DIGGITY! i LOVE meatloaf, and this one looks GREAT!
  3. VERY NICE! one day, i'll make one for mine...
  4. Mornin all! I hope this finds each and every one of you well! What are your cooking plans for this birthday meal? I am planning on getting MUCH grill time this weekend (4 days off!) the PLAN is for some pork ribs on Thursday, and maybe a butt on Friday... possibly some filler foods (burgers/dogs, etc) for the mid-day 'hungries' I plan to do much around the house all 4 days... cooking, cleaning, fixing, moving stuff etc I was thinking about a brisket, but I think I will wait until Labor Day for that one... more people may b
  5. i always take it off because i have always heard that it SHOULD come off... on the time(s) that i forgot, or couldnt get it off, i thought it was like trying to bite through a plastic sheet... it was off-putting to the whole experience
  6. that explains why i have never heard of it... ive never been to a brazilian steakhouse... looks fantastic!
  7. never heard of that cut, but it looks fantastic!
  8. POTUS and CAKE... 2 of my fave bands... i have yet to grill any fruit, but looking at THAT makes me wanna ransack the produce aisle at wally world! looks damn tasty john!
  9. how do you do the dry aging on such a huge piece? (or any piece) the image i have in MY mind is raw meat just chillin in the icebox... gettin all funky and weird.... if i left it out, it wouldnt last 45 seconds unattended before the knuckleheads (the dogs) got to it and ended up either in a fight or a food coma on the couch a while back, one of them decided it would be cool to get a 10lb bag of raw, frozen chicken out of the kitchen sink and share it with the other 3... one of them also ate a 5lb bag of uncooked rice... he had the pri
  10. OH MY... i'm gonna need a moment and a kleenex BRB
  11. NICE! i wouldnt even know where to buy a hunk o'goodness like that! how did the sketti squash turn out? i love me some sketti squash
  12. NICE! You said you wrapped it at 2.5, did you finish the cook with it wrapped?
  13. Hey all! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and those that are father's were able to enjoy their day... I was posting with @CentralTexBBQ in another thread called 4 of a kind, but wanted to post his one here i have been struggling as of late with the learning curve of the Primo... some meals have been better than others and i had yet to REALLY be pleased with any smoked item i have made to date... for Father's Day, i decided to make a couple butts for a get together with the family off site... about 40 mins away on Lake Allatoona I
  14. just wanted to wish all of the fathers, of ALL types (adopted, step, and bio) a GREAT father's day weekend! may each and every one of you delight in light, blue, delicious smoke... even if you're NOT grilling this weekend be safe, and enjoy your family... ALL of them
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