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  1. just wanted to wish all of the fathers, of ALL types (adopted, step, and bio) a GREAT father's day weekend! may each and every one of you delight in light, blue, delicious smoke... even if you're NOT grilling this weekend be safe, and enjoy your family... ALL of them
  2. GREAT table! where did you get your cedar? looks like you did a bunch of sanding on it too, to soften the corners and such... i like the 'fuzzy' finish it created i am trying to decide btwn cedar and redwood... PT pine may end up being the final choice, but I like to look at options
  3. NICE! very creative and looks like it suits the task perfectly and for a great price as well
  4. WOW... I'm a dad, and a step dad... I have a great relationship with my step-daughters (there are 2) dad... he is a good man, but lives elsewhere... in MI and we are in GA we speak regularly and i consider him a friend... there is no ill will, the marriage just didnt work I look after his girls like they are mine, and i love them both dearly... I have unofficially 'adopted' them, and their dad is good with it... he knows i will look after them GREAT commercial... BUD always has great commercials
  5. I have never made a bone in ribeye... i have, however cut some righteous steaks from a prime rib i found for cheap... they were excellent!
  6. i found a pretty good deal (i think) on bone-in butts at sams yesterday...$1.50/lb ribs (BBs and StLs) were a good price as well... by unit cost they came out to $9/rack got my butts and will drop them on the fire late Saturday for the sunday shindig hope mine look as good as yours!
  7. How do you like the soapstone compared to cast iron? i really like the sear/crust that i get from my iron... what is your pro/con list for each, if you would be so kind as to share your thought...
  8. I did cook to probe tender with the last butt (the larger) i used the 'feels like probing peanut butter' theory that i read on here from some wise individual... that was the key, as i am a tactile learner yup... gonna pick ONE method and stick to it... for the dads day butts, im going with meatheads technique... your sauce will be an accompaniment thanks everyone for your insight and suggestions!
  9. Thanks @TKOBBQ! this is yet another instance of my ADD kicking in... i was originally thinking of adding some rub to the meat after pulling, but NOW i see this for juice... maybe a batch of this on the side for those that are interested... too many choices makes for indecision...
  10. Not ONE meat so much as techniques... my process is as follows: decide on what i want to make hit up meatheads site for technique/recipe... make notes repeat at GURU... watch vids, read posts, make notes... then i invariably commit a heinous rookie mistake of COMBINING the techniques/steps and creating a third (usually useless) technique of my own which doesnt always SUCK, but could certainly benefuit from improvement... case in point, last time i did a butt, i had a boneless one (didnt read the label when i bought it)... ended up with 2 smaller ones so i thought... hmmm shorter cook time, it will work fast forward... my INTENT was to cook to 160 (at 250*) and pull/wrap it and cook to 190 internal... i ended up cooking to 190 without a pull/wrap... and while it was good, the smaller of the 2 was a little over cooked and a little on the dry side... the larger one was better, although the bark never took off like i wanted it to steaks come out great, i have yet to bone them up... burgers are typically over cooked, but i blame that on pre-made patties i will not grind my own meat as i am terrified of a meat grinder (i know, my panties are showing) my biggest complaint about myself is the fact that i simply CANNOT/WILL NOT leave the *&%$! thing alone once it is set... i have to force myself to find something else to do to create a diversion so it can cook unmolested and pick ONE method to try and keep my head on straight (not combine more than one method) it really IS a me thing i am cooking butts for a Dad's day get together... there should be about 25 total people (kids and adults) and dogs/burgers will also be served my plan is 15-20 lbs RAW, bone IN, and put on the Primo saturday night late for an all night cook (using SmoBot for fire maintenance)... remove from heat, cambro in a pre-heated cooler, and pull apart on site (thinking that a solid mass will retain heat better/longer), and hope that it is acceptable to the masses anything else i should look for prepare for? the 'party' starts 12-1230 and i PLAN to have the meat cooked by 9-930A... the cambro stage will be approx 3-4 hrs
  11. I've been thinking about how to store my stuff and you, fine sir, have just solved that problem for me... fantastic idea!
  12. i have found (on my primo) that more lump with some 'niblets' added in to close the gaps helps with a solid wall (floor?) of fire like @Smokestack Mac said... i fill my KAB to the top the beast has to have something to eat, so feed her well (Scorpions reference)... make sure your vents are open before you add the food... ive left them closed before, so its not unfathomable try lighting in more than one spot (like you did in round 2) and leave the lid open for a minimum of 10 mins... once i close my lid, i run the vents WFO until i get within about 50* of target... then i shut the stack down to just the daisy to 100% (i use a SmoBot for fire maintenance) and the carb (intake vent) to about 1/4-3/8" i have become almost dependent on my SmoBot, but can still work the vents manually in a pinch for me, that allows the fire to calm a bit and reduces overshoot... go easy on yourself and allow yourself to LEARN... its a totally different animal than a gasser or brick-ette burner and there IS a learning curve! most of all have FUN! and WELCOME! this place and these folks are a goldmine of info!
  13. nope... for some reason the learning curve has become an icy road for me on the Primo... i'll get there eventually... I think i over-worry it... like most everything else i do.. over build, over think, over engineer etc
  14. @CentralTexBBQ your food, as always looks amazing! ONE day i will get mine to look like yours, and also thank you for the slaw recipe... always goes great on top of a sammich @Vanole, I used to live in VBVA... after my discharge from NAS Oceana (F14 Electrician) i am saddened to hear about the events of late and my heart goes out to those affected... i assume it was at the PA Municipal Center?
  15. to be patient... with my fire with the edibility learning curve... and with myself... in MY eyes, I am a complete (insert adjective of your choice here) stumbling thru the educational process that is kamado cooking... in reality, my family has yet to turn down a meal made with fire in any way, shape, or form... even things i would be reluctant to give to my ex-wife and of course, finding this forum which is a goldmine of info
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