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  1. @bushcraft_joe, I did some ribs on the Primo, and out of habit used a water pan... they were good, but didnt have the bark/crust i wanted... @SmoovD not only has a great avatar, but also has more kamado joojoo than me... good luck! dont forget the break test!!
  2. no kidding?! shows you how often I go into one... my lovely likes it and my kids shop there almost exclusively... i think i've been in one maybe 2x i'll have to check it out...
  3. ** Homer Simpson voice ON** mmmmmm.... pizza hut... i'll never lose my love for you! **Homer Simpson voice OFF**
  4. Is that the same Aldi grocery store that we have here in the states? i knew they sold other stuff such as patio furniture and such... similar to kroger, but did not know they were hawking kamados too interesting
  5. I'm in with @TheMerlin486... while i do not own a KJ, i believe that most of the units coming out these days are reproductions of other peoples stuff with slight changes to get patents/avoid infringement... there are several instances where party A states that this part does not work with this model, but party B (usually a shadetree/curious type) finds out its all bunk unless you KNOW an AMC 304 is the same engine as the AMC 360, you would think that theyre different animals... i would try a cheap rack that you KNOW will fit a KJ, and see if it works on your goose... WELCOME FROM GA!
  6. I agree with @philpom... thats almost like a breech lock for a pistol and sounds like a great idea... problem is, with chuckleheads like the common thief, if they want something you have and they are NOT able to swipe it, then the typical recourse is to damage/destroy it... I understand that people live where they live for various reasons... maybe hold off on the ceramic in in lieu of a less expensive kettle...? save yourself the expense and aggravation of being burgled or vandalized and wait until you have a more single-family structure that allows you to lay claim to that which is YOURS just my .02
  7. @BowersBackyard, if you get acart and build a table later, you can use your cart as an accessory... thats what I am planning... cover the top of the now cart with some stainless (i have a source) and wrap the edges like OEM... then i will have a rolling accessory table by my rolling grill aircraft carrier
  8. thats how i do mine (less the CI pan)... the pan will add the glorious finish... remember to protect your hands!
  9. I like the cart that came with my Primo... I just wish it had bigger 'wings' on it... hot racks and grates and stuff are hard to find places for even with the KAB hangers i have... one of these days i plan to make a table... if i could finish all of my other unfinished projects
  10. i say give it a whirl on the grate and skip the aluminum... can only learn from the process... if its REALLY bad, you can eat the evidence
  11. I would think that a set up similar to what is typically used in the kitchen is sufficient for a re-heat... pretty sure that all that is done with a ham anyway (thinking Kroger spiral-cut in cryo) MY thoughts are use/duplicate (on the vision) the oven re-heat instructions on the package and put a probe in it so you can monitor i dont see how you can go wrong
  12. I do not understand why they would specify aluminum, unless for the heating (more even in Aluminum?) properties... so the burger actually cooks somewhat... does the recipe specify a sear AFTER the smoke process? (reverse sear) Im not much help, but someone a lot smarter than me may chime in
  13. LoseIt shows the following for Boston Butt: does not specify if cooked 6oz = 450 cal (75 cal/oz) 15g total fat 83.3mg Cholesterol 49.3 mg Na 0.3g total carbs 21.3g protein
  14. To ALL who are in some sort of health conscious 'program' remember... any progress is EXCELLENT progress... I dont do keto, although i have looked at/read about it... i did south beach several years ago... it works... lovely and i lost weight while my SIL actually GAINED weight (she looked pretty skeletal from years of lousy eating and other 'stuff') my exercise now is some variant of the P90X series for a minimum of 30 mins/day... i watch what i eat and stay within my calorie count based on an app that i use to track everything that i eat... i do not do macros either, for me, it is very time consuming and i think if i burn more than i eat, i'm good CONGRATS! for everyone here for doing their part for themselves and their loved ones!
  15. BEHOLD! let it be written that the smoke and BBQ deliciousness will soon follow
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