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  1. There is that. But that can be remedied with a fan.
  2. You wont have any problem putting it there. The KJ is designed to hold heat not let it out. I'd put my offset there if it'd fit....
  3. Tex

    New KJ Owner!!

    You're right on the edge of the Classics capacity unless you have the second rack.
  4. Oh.......dont get rid of the Kamado. You'll regret it one day. I've been BBQing for over thirty years,three or four of those years competitively and the Kamado is one of the most impressive rigs I've ever cooked on. It'll always have a place in my arsenal!!!
  5. A good pellet pooper is great to have! My three favorites are the Lang offset,KJ and the Mak 2 Star pellet pooper. There's really not much you cant cook on one of the three.
  6. I highly recommend them. You get two pucks for around 9 bucks and you could season the Blackstone a dozen times with em. Bought a two pack and the stick deodorant type applicator and I've seasoned dozens of pans and the blackstone.
  7. Got the big stainless model. While we dont use it that often it's great when ya wanna make some Philly Cheese steaks,Smash burgers or breakfast. Do yourself a favor and get a Crisbee puck. It works great on cast or anything else that needs seasoning.
  8. This is my first reverse flow offset and man does it produce some fine BBQ!! All that fat dripping on the reverse flow plate goes right back to the meat giving it some serious flavor!!
  9. Love to have a wood fired oven but with my type two diabetes I cant eat much bread. Thank God meat is diabetic friendly!!!
  10. Like the KJ clean up is super easy as well just in a different way. When you're done ya pull off the meat to rest,open up all the vents and toss on a new log. When it gets good and hot you hose out the inside and it basically steam cleans it. All the fat and crap ends up in the bucket and all you have to do before firing up next time is to shopvac the ashes out of the firebox.
  11. I'll tell ya what,this thing holds temps as well as the Kamado,maybe better,and it's around the same price as the Big Joe. While I love the Kamado for it's diversity and I cant say I've turned out a loser from it, nothing beats an offset for that real BBQ taste.
  12. Ended up selling the Pitts & Spitts and the Smoke Shack which paid for the shipping and the front end upgrade. The thing was a wood hog and it sucked firing it up for a rack of ribs and a yard bird.
  13. I'll get some up later. Right now I'm in a meat coma.
  14. All I can say is Holy Crap!!! This thing will hold temps for hours on end as long as you feed it a small split every 45 min to and hour! I had to keep checking the Thremoworks to make sure the temp gauge wasn't lying to me! Loving the reverse flow! There's a 20 degree difference from end to end from 250 to 270. Did add some firebricks to the firebox and the reverse flow channel which worked great! It holds temps better than my Pitts & Spitts by far!
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