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  1. Tex

    Toe Stubbing...

    Does anyone else find themselves stubbing their toes on the wheels of your Joe? I swear it happens at least once a week!!! I mean I get it that it needs to be spread for stability but Damn!!!!
  2. Tex

    Kent Rollins

    Big fan of Kent Rollins since we do a lot of the same type cooking. Tried his southern Philly Cheesesteak recipe today. It's a damn nice sandwich but next time I will toss in his cheese sauce with the peppers, onions and beef. Than follow up with some melted provolone on top. ....oh and a little salt. Highly recommend this recipe!!!
  3. In conclusion: The Field is a damn nice pan!! Great for reverse sear,cornbread and pretty much anything you'd use cast iron for. Clean up is a breeze since it's so slick. The real testament? Just ordered the #8 for smaller jobs. I'm Sold!
  4. My ring measures 22 7/16 installed and tight.
  5. This is the measurement of the ceramic without the felt? If so that is a little weird but dont see a problem adding more felt to make up the difference.
  6. More versatility for the Joe. Whats not to like? Still haven't reached the potential of the Joe as it is but I'll buy it.
  7. Tex

    What weather?

    I dont mind the crisp cold cooks. As long as it ain't windy or damp I'm good. With the high humidity down here the wind cuts to the bone when its cold.
  8. Tex

    What weather?

    Being from Texas yes a jacket. Gloves are so ya dont burn the crap out of your hands handling hot grates and such.
  9. Can you measure the diameter of the old base?
  10. Tex

    What weather?

    God I Love Texas!!! I dont mind a simple throw it on the Joe with a probe and pull it when it's done cook in cold weather but I wont do anything complicated. To much of a pain in the butt pulling off the jacket repeatedly,pulling and putting on gloves for those trips to the kitchen.
  11. Never mind. I found the info at Target of all places. Four inches.
  12. Did a little looking but cant find the height of the grill expander for the classic. Really want to know how tall a pan or pot will fit under it.
  13. The main reason I find the reverse sear better is it imparts more flavor when bringing the meat to temp. I put em em in a 250 oven till they reach around 115 to 120. This takes around 30 minutes and is easy to monitor with temp probes. Sear the crap out of em like you'd do with the sous vide. But you're ahead of the game when you already started the cooking process on the outside of the steak during the pre sear which makes searing much faster. To me it mimics the charcoal grilled steak better than sous vide.
  14. Doing this indoors after last nights freezing run on some thick cut pork chops on the KJ. Screw that!!! It's one thing to long cook something when it's 35 but doing a quick pair of chops ain't worth it!
  15. Finally getting a reason to fire up the new Field cast iron. Picked up a couple of 21 day rib eyes and we're gonna do the reverse sear and we'll need some bacon for the baked taters. The Field kicked butt on the bacon!! Absolutely no sticking!!! Pretty impressive for the first thing we put in it.
  16. Tex

    iKamand v2

    Pretty sure you're right. All the ones I've seen have different plug covers than the one John has.
  17. Tex

    iKamand v2

    I'm torn on this thing. I already have a crapload of Thermoworks stuff for temps and KJ holds temps so well it almost seems like overkill. But then being able to have that peace of mind when away from the grill is appealing...... That would be the only reason I'd want one.
  18. Tex

    Stable low temp

    Never used the cast iron bottom so I cant give an opinion on that. Went straight to the basket and have been amazed at the temp holding ability!!! While I agree 225 is a little hard to hold but you can do it it just takes letting your fire burn down but than you lose the long smoke,but cooking at 250 is just as good on a Kamado.. I'm sure you noticed the new stick burners are reverse smoke units with fantastic insulation. This mimics the two thousand year Kamado. Great fire management, easy to hold temps and moisture holding ability while still allowing air flow to keep the stale smoke from jacking your meat. I have a CookShack that runs on electric that uses far less wood but poultry comes out like rubber due to lack of dry air and clean smoke,it just circulates the stale smoke over and over while it picks up dirty smoke over and over. It's for sale...$600 bucks is a bargain....as long as you only want to smoke beef.
  19. You can get the Joe charcoal at Ace in Houston but there are plenty of other choices that are just as good for half the money. B&B being one of them which you can buy at Academy.
  20. What happened after that I have no idea. But seeing him make an ### out of himself was priceless!
  21. I was just jacking with you... Note the Burgermeister vid. He's kinda harsh.....
  22. I was joking... Did the vid not post?
  23. After further review it's definitely Owl #### slick,no doubt about it.
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