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  1. Tex

    New guy, already impressed

    As a longtime stick burner I was shocked as well. Kept it plus or minus three the first time I used it. You dont see that on a stick burner until you've done it awhile.
  2. Tex

    Newbie from Eastern NC

    I hear ya. Never thought to much about Kamados with me being a stick burner. Got mine about a month ago and have turned out some good stuff,but I see some great stuff once I get dialed in on temp control.
  3. Tex

    Filet Mignon

    While very tender the Filet Mignon lacks flavor. Has anyone tried to dry age one? Would it get to soft after dry aging being that it's already so tender?
  4. Tex

    Filet Mignon

    After further searching I've found people doing it bone in. Now that I can see.
  5. Tex

    Kamado Joe classic assembly

    With four points of contact I could see it being a problem. With three points it would be self leveling. The very reason I build my fire pits with three legs.
  6. Tex

    steak locker

    I've been looking at one as well,but there's very little info out there on them and the stuff I have found has been kinda negative. The only one I've found that I feel I could trust is the Dry Ager but I'm not paying $2700 bucks. https://www.dry-ager.com/en/
  7. Tex

    Kamado Joe classic assembly

    You didnt remove the felt that was is wrapped around the stand base by any chance.....?
  8. One of the best steaks of my life handsdown! Did the reverse sear On the Joe.....incredible!
  9. The Wife has already said....get your ### to dry ageing!!!! I figure I'll have thirty lbs of meat in a new fridge by Thursday....LOL. Can't wait to try Brisket!!!
  10. It came out a little more done than I'd normally cook a steak but the flavor and texture were awesome!! It reached temp during the reverse part of the cook way faster than expected!
  11. Tex

    Nothing but WFO money!

    I've got an engine hoist. The hardest part would be getting it through the gate.
  12. Looking to start dry ageing. I've found several beverage refrigerators that are around 13 inches wide which is a little narrow. Want something in the 24 inch range. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Tex

    Glass front refrig suggestions

    A regular fridge it is...... The only glass front units that looked any good were damn pricey anyway.
  14. Tex

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Yikes!!! That would be a sumbitch to get in the backyard!!! Wonder if the neighborhood association would pitch a fit if I set it up in the driveway?
  15. Tex

    Dry aged Rib eye

    Just found out one of my local HEB's carries dry aged beef!!!! They actually dry age it themselves!! Totally floored! Going to pick up some Rib eyes tomorrow that are at 38 days! Can't wait!!
  16. Tex

    Dry aged Rib eye

    I've been toying with the idea of dry aging my own beef. The wife has said if you can prove it's better she's all for it....so here we go.
  17. Tex

    Gaps in firebox

    So it's just as easy to assemble with a warped ring as a straight ring?
  18. Used to love my sous vide steaks before trying the reverse sear method. Anyone else bail on the sous vide method after the reverse sear?
  19. This stuff is amazing! As much as I hate to say it the French made a good one here. The pan was originally steel gray and took seasoning extremely well!!! It's pretty much stick free after a day of seasoning.
  20. You can buy a cheap cabinet from Northern Tool.
  21. To have your average pan blasted shouldnt cost you more than a few bucks per pan. The more you have done the cheaper it'll be. Supply the blasting company with your own oil so it doesn't rust is a good idea. I have my own blasting cabinet so obviously it's easier for me,but it's well worth it for pans that hold their polymerized oil.
  22. https://www.debuyer.com/en/products/iron-cookware-0
  23. Tip..... As with cast iron sugar blast it before seasoning. You'll get a non stick surface that doesnt peel.
  24. Tex

    Thermoworks sale...Hurry!

    Although I will say when putting two meat probes in the same chunk of meat from the same unit you can get some weird readings. Since then I've always split my probes between two units. Let me know if you experience the same.
  25. Tex

    Thermoworks sale...Hurry!

    I've never had a Thermoworks product lead me wrong. They've been impeccable to this point.