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    Hey Jack, thanks for the warm welcome. As far as the job goes, I only make the recommendation. It's you guys that have to ultimately decide where we go from there. I never enjoy recommending removing a kid from his home but I sure don't envy having to make that that decision. I feel like you can never win. I have had several opportunities to leave for other jobs in including local police, US Customs and even a school disciplinarian but I do enjoy the ability to do both the court side of the job and the working the streets (home, schools, agencies, etc), but I'm still looking forward to retirement in the next few years. Are you still sitting on the bench or are you now retired? PS. Do I need to address you as "Your Honor" on this site?
  2. Hey Guys, I purchased an Akorn Kamado style cooker this summer and stumbled across your site tonight. I have also owned a Weber Bullet style and Weber gas grill which I rarely touch since getting the Akorn. I've been a Juvenile Probation Officer in Philadelphia for almost 30 years now. Besides hanging in back years with family and friends, I coach multiple teams in soccer, all around the high school age. I am looking forward to browsing the site and getting some fresh ideas and hopefully plenty of advice. Thanks again for allowing me on your site. Mike
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