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  1. Looking for some tested ice cream recipes for an electric ice cream maker that uses a frozen bowl (I have Cuisinart model). Need to make some home made dessert for my kamado dinners! Thanks.
  2. Every once in a while you see a posting and you say to yourself "I'm going to try to make that". This is on that list.
  3. Thanks, looks like I need to do some more research between collagen and fat impacting the taste and texture of meat. P.S. Jack, sorry for hijacking your thread!
  4. Thanks, that is a helpful analysis. When smoking a brisket to an internal temperature of 200°F plus, I understand that the feeling of moistness comes from rendered fat, not from water in the meat. By cooking a brisket at 147°, it seems to me you will be rendering one of the two types of fat while also retaining water in the meat, both contributing to the moistness of the brisket. Am I understanding that correctly?
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. As a partaker in the $99 Anova special as well, I've been contemplating which cut of red meat to do sous vide. On the brisket, I'm still trying to get my hands around how the fat renders when cooked at such a low temperature, even for a prolonged period of time. I've tried to read as much as I could on the topic, but I've yet to find a good comparison of a properly smoked brisket versus a sous vide brisket, as far as the texture of the meat and the breakdown of the fat is concerned. If you have come across any good comparisons, please share the link. Thanks.
  6. How do you find the texture of the sous vide red meat versus red meat that is cooked buy more traditional method?
  7. That is a good price for the name brand. The no-name aftermarket bags are cheaper on Amazon. .http://www.amazon.com/Large-Vacuum-Sealer-Rolls-Commercial/dp/B00NR5OC0E/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1435868014&sr=8-9&keywords=8x11+food+saver+bags
  8. Stretching by hand will get much thinner than rolling. Buy some cheap flour and make some practice dough. Lots of good videos on hand stretching. After some practice, 30 seconds from ball to pizza skin.
  9. Leftover pizza dough, 2% oil, didn't get as much oven spring as I was hoping for.
  10. There is an ace hardware in Decatur on what I believe is Scott Boulevard (between Lawrenceville Highway and Ponce de Leon) that carries a lot of barbecue stuff. Might be worth a call to them.
  11. About 20 years ago I used to work for a company in New Jersey and once a year the boss would take everybody to Peter Lugar's in Brooklyn. It was probably 40 of us and that was one expensive bill. But at the end of dinner everybody used to fight over the bones that were on the table. Their specialty is porterhouse, serve sliced like in the picture above.
  12. 1.6 pounds, on sale at Publix, $9.99 a pound (sorry pics are not upright). Liberal Montreal Steak seasoning: 600F (4 minutes per side): Resting with butter: a la Peter Luger's: All gone:
  13. I easily fit 2 chickens on my Akron when I had it. I used 2 cheap vertical roasters with a built in drip pan. I think Publix carries them in the summer. You can go with or without a drip pan, but the drip pan keeps things cleaner and the bird looking nicer. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/1913-easy-roasted-whole-chicken-recipe/
  14. I watched the ones preparing the specific foods. They are more in the nature of marketing material than technical cooking videos. But they are well done and I was entertained. That is one nice backyard if they were filmed at someone's house.
  15. You need to raise the water temperature. 75 Celsius/167 Fahrenheit might work as noted in the recipe above. I'm still experimenting with eggs myself. I believe it was on the serious eats site, where they suggested placing the egg into boiling water for a minute to firm up the whites.
  16. About 2 inches thick, so I should be in good shape.
  17. Good info on that Douglas Baldwin page.
  18. Thanks, I would say they are relatively uniform bricks, 2-3 inches thick on the pork, a little thinner on the brisket. Good point on the water flow. Any thoughts on keeping the bags separate without a fancy sous vide rack? Maybe some plastic hangers between the bags?
  19. Rewarming question. I am traveling to relatives with 3 2# frozon vac bags of pulled pork, and 3 1.5# frozen vac bags of sliced brisket. Totals about 10 pounds. Upon arrival, I will put into frig for serving the next evening. By then the bags should be partially defrosted. I am bringing my Anova to warm up the bbq, all 10 pounds in the same container. Do you think 2 hours at 150f will be sufficient to rewarm all 10 pounds?
  20. Just thought of another use for the sous vide machine. Rewarming a whole bunch of vacuum sealed barbecue for a party. I've often wondered how one would go about heating up a large quantity of vac sealed barbecue using only pots on the stove top. With the sous vide machine, you can attach it to a cooler and rewarm a large quantity of barbecue at a precise temperature. Now I just need to figure out what temperature to set the machine and how long it will take.
  21. That looks awesome, I've just added that to my short list.
  22. Boneless skinless chicken breast, with season salt and a spray of butter flavored Pam. 146°F for two hours. Then hit it with a blowtorch for 20 seconds. It tasted very good, and then I chopped it up into chicken salad, adding Duke's mayo, a dab of Dijon mustard, red grapes and a touch more salt. The chicken salad had perfect texture.
  23. Shrimp cocktail. Shrimp were fully cooked, but I am used to a little firmer, so next time will go with 145f instead of 135f for 30 minutes.
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