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  1. Have you posted about how you’re making your naan somewhere?
  2. it did call for 250, I think because it's a cheesecake. I think the time differential was the water pan, which was not called for but I thought was good if cooking in a Kamado vs a regular oven.
  3. Decided to try my hand at Kamado baking to enter my first challenge/make something nice for my wife for Valentine's Day. I worked from the New York Times Chocolate Cheesecake recipe. Because I'm much more of a cook than a baker, my basics were pretty much on-par with what's in the recipe. I set up in my Kamado classic at 250 on the grill extender with a water pan; it took about 2 hours rather than the 1 1/2 the recipe indicated. I finished this up on Monday night, and put the springform pan in my fridge. The thing I did that was actually creative was to make a smoked strawberry compote to finish the dish. I was making a reverse-seared ribeye for our main course, so I had the grill set up with some mesquite chunk and lump anyhow. I mixed about 3/4 cup of white sugar and 1/4 cup of light brown sugar, tossed about a cup of sliced strawberries in them, and then put them on the top rack indirect at 280 for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. To serve, I popped the cheesecake out of the springform and spooned the strawberries over the top. After slicing, I spooned a little bit more of the strawberry syrup on each slice. The subtle smokiness of the strawberries really paired well with the chocolate, and we both loved it! Give it a try!
  4. For your viewing pleasure: one small piece that wasn’t totally charred, several large lumps.
  5. Here it is. Also, to clarify, the store is called El Rancho.
  6. I can get this stuff at the local Mexican grocers called Don Luis. It's mesquite lump charcoal, the pieces are huge, and I'm really liking it. It's CHEAP ($2.80 for 3 kilos). The fascinating thing is I can't find it online anywhere. I'll post a picture of the bag later today.
  7. posted this somewhere else, but has anybody ever used a grill expander to get the pizza stone even higher in the dome? looks like my stone will fit with some air passthrough space and really get me up high on my new expander, and I want to keep tinkering
  8. I've got a Joe classic and just got a grill expander. Has anyone used this (or the equivalent for other kamados) as the stand for your pizza stone to get really high in the dome?
  9. I mean, realistically I was cooking between 450 and 600, usually close to about 550. I’m just still learning about control/playing and experimenting before putting food on (and a little during if the food is forgiving)
  10. Very pleased with the results with my new 3/4” corderite stone and the deflector in the high position. Had the stone sitting on mason jar lids on top of the deflectors in the high position. Started with some garlic cheese knots, and then made this mushroom, shallot, home-cured bacon, red pepper & jalapeño pizza. My crust was .75 kg of 00 flour and .25 kg of whole wheat flour, 2 1/2 cups of water, honey, yeast, and salt. The joe fluctuated more than I wanted between about 400 and close to 600, but I was really pleased with the result.
  11. If you’ve had barbacoa at authentic taquerias, you’ve had beef cheek.
  12. It looks like some folks like to get the deflector higher in addition to getting the pizza stone higher. What’s the theory there?
  13. Good eye on the rosemary garlic olive oil salt and pepper. My old pizza stone was made for conventional ovens. Being new to this and generally skeptical of branded goods, I thought it would do just fine at 800 degrees in the Joe. It broke. Anybody wanna point me to the best pizza stone and setup threads and debates?
  14. know anything about who *did* do this Scott? I'm itching to give this a try right on the side of the Joe; am deciding between the dome and further down the barrel.
  15. photo of pizza, hit the upload max on the chicken.
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