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  1. Excellent. I’ll check them out. I’m working on a plan to trade my KJs for a KK. I blame you!
  2. So...the more I think about it, the more I think the dedicated griddle is the way to go. Hear me out and please tell me if you think I'm off base. For anything that needs to be smoked, cooked on the rotisserie, or two-zone type cooks I will rely on the kamados. None of those are "quick hits", and I have some cast-iron griddle and grate options there as well. That leaves those quick hit items like burgers, dogs, brats, grilled chicken breast, veggies, etc, etc... All can be done, and done well on a griddle. For the rare occasions I need more warming/holding capacity than a cambro can manage, I have a double oven inside. That eliminates the real advantage that I think I would be getting from a gas grill...I THINK. Ha! I'm not usually this indecisive. But I think this is a good plan. Plus, I think I can eliminate the side burner and use some of the real estate on the griddle to warm sauces and such in a pot. Yeah...sounds like the right plan.
  3. More great advice. Thanks. I've looked a little bit at the Camp Chef stove systems, but those seem to me to be a bit of "jack of all trades, master of none" solution. I only have about 13 linear feet and the two KJs are going to take up almost 5 feet of that. The remaining 8 feet really doesn't leave room for both a dedicated gasser and a griddle and still have adequate work space. Hmmm...maybe build the grill in and then get the portable FTG 600 to set up on the counter or on the patio when I want to use it, and keep it on the camper when I don't. Again, I think the decision I need to make is which one I will use more. I've read up on the grease drain issues with the camp chef. If I choose to build it in, I have plans to modify the drain system that I think will help...including increasing the size of the drain hole. And back to my original question...Is there something I should be considering that I am not?
  4. Would you swap the full size Blackstone for the Weber? Why or why not?
  5. Appreciate the input, Kismet. It is the grease management that has me hesitant to go that route. I guess what I need to do is determine if I will use the gas grill more or the griddle more, and let that decide for me. Or maybe...I can find a way to fit both. Hmm... Also, can we talk about how ingenious your skewer is?!?
  6. +1 to len440. Now to find some decent prosciutto...
  7. Appreciate the input, all! I have been leaning towards the Camp Chef if I go the griddle route. In particular the FTG 600 which is around 32" wide, and has both the griddle and the grill top with it. It looks like it's all or none with the standard top (all griddle or all grill), but there are other options. I'm starting to wonder if a gas grill with a griddle insert wouldn't be a better option. I'm thinking the grill could serve as a quick hit if I don't want to wait for the kamados to come to temp (parish the thought) and with a lid it could serve as a warming/holding oven, which a flat top grill can't do. Family is four adults with both kids having significant others, so call it 4-6. We are doing more entertaining, and I'm building for the long term (buy once, cry once) so groups of 10-15 will be more common. Two or three times a year will be 30+. Thanks again, and keep the thoughts coming.
  8. Thanks, freddy. Appreciate the input.
  9. Hi, I am finally taking the time to build an outdoor kitchen...really more of a grilling station. No sink, fridge, etc..., but a built in place to cook and eat. Oh...and drink fresh beer on tap from my keezer! I have a Kamado Joe Classic II and a Big Joe II that I plan to incorporate into the space. I have a cheap offset stick burner that will sit near the space. I haven't used a stick burner before, but I got it for free and plan to work with it a little this summer. If I like it, I will consider upgrading it (LSG is calling to me). So my question is, what other options should I consider adding? Right now I'm planning to buy a griddle and a side burner of some sort, but there may be better options for me to consider, and I'm asking for your insight on that. The space I have to work with is 13 feet long, and I plan to lay it out from left to right - griddle, side burner, countertop work space, KJ Classic, KJBJ. I will have electricity at the spot as well. I have a couple of great pizza places close by, so I'm not considering a pizza oven at this time. If I decide to head down that rabbit hole, I will likely build a stand alone cement and brick oven. Don't tell my wife! I would welcome any thoughts on other things I should consider instead the griddle and/or side burner. I'm particularly curious if those of you that have a side burner use it very much.
  10. I’m getting ready to build a permanent outdoor kitchen space that will include places for my Classic and my Big Joe to sit. The counter tops will be poured concrete. I haven’t decided yet if they will be poured in place, or use the mold and lift into place method. So my question is, do I need the feet under the Joes with 1.5” concrete counter tops, or am I safe to run without them? I haven’t forayed into pizza yet, but I do twice a year cleaning runs at high heat. Otherwise, 90% of my cooks are 500* or less. Any thoughts you are willing to share would be appreciated.
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