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  1. Never say never John, when the IV is released they might very well have III’s at Costco lol
  2. I’m doing this one tomorrow, just under 5 lbs any pearls of wisdom?
  3. Wish this had been available a few months ago. Aurora Colorado location
  4. It never hurts to ask nicely IMO
  5. Reverse is the way to go despite what others say, I’ve never had a bad experience reversing it. I cook to an internal temp of 115, rest for 8 minutes and then sear one minute a side. I see others rest after searing but I rest before. After searing the steak is ready to eat right off the grill. This is my strategy for a 1.5 inch thick steak. A thicker steak I cook to a slightly higher internal temp before I rest it.
  6. Thanks, Yes, as it turns out the two pieces snap together somewhat. Just sits on the road, the corner cutouts prevent any movement.
  7. I finished, too cold outside so I’ll wait until I put on. I’m overall happy with how it turned out, not perfect but it’s just a shelf.
  8. Well that would be hard to enforce unless you told them.
  9. I have a pit boss pellet grill, a Webber genesis grill and my KJ Classic. I can’t wait till spring so I can sell my Pit Boss pellet grill, the temp fluctuations drive me crazy. I don’t have room for all three and there’s no way I’m giving up my KJ or my Webber.
  10. I mentioned I was making a bottom shelf on an older thread about a Big Joe shelf project. After much deliberation, I decided to make one for my recently acquired KJ Classic. I had had previously replaced the plastic slats that comprised side shelfs with red stained popular. I wanted to match the bottom shelf to that style. I had on hand just enough popular hardwood to make 8 slats 2.5 x 24 so I went with that basic overall size of 24x24 after spacing the slats equally. I made this in two pieces as I wouldn’t be able to place the shelf if it were one piece
  11. Cut wood into slats, cut out corners to fit the stand. Final product will be two shelf’s of 4 slats each. I have to to pickup another piece of popular to use as cross members and I’m still working on how to attach shelf to stand.
  12. As someone who just paid a crook to do my basement I say Bravo! Very well done.
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