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  1. Jebber

    Bottom shelf Classic I

    And all put together
  2. Jebber

    Bottom shelf Classic I

    I finished, too cold outside so I’ll wait until I put on. I’m overall happy with how it turned out, not perfect but it’s just a shelf.
  3. Jebber

    New from Orlando, FL

    Well that would be hard to enforce unless you told them.
  4. I have a pit boss pellet grill, a Webber genesis grill and my KJ Classic. I can’t wait till spring so I can sell my Pit Boss pellet grill, the temp fluctuations drive me crazy. I don’t have room for all three and there’s no way I’m giving up my KJ or my Webber.
  5. Jebber

    Bottom shelf Classic I

    I mentioned I was making a bottom shelf on an older thread about a Big Joe shelf project. After much deliberation, I decided to make one for my recently acquired KJ Classic. I had had previously replaced the plastic slats that comprised side shelfs with red stained popular. I wanted to match the bottom shelf to that style. I had on hand just enough popular hardwood to make 8 slats 2.5 x 24 so I went with that basic overall size of 24x24 after spacing the slats equally. I made this in two pieces as I wouldn’t be able to place the shelf if it were one piece. I cut cut the corners out using a hole cutter with my drill. To to use as a resting place for the two piece shelf I inserted a steel rod which I hammered into place and cut to size. I need to still paint it black to match stand. I’ll stain and finish to match side shelf’s.
  6. Cut wood into slats, cut out corners to fit the stand. Final product will be two shelf’s of 4 slats each. I have to to pickup another piece of popular to use as cross members and I’m still working on how to attach shelf to stand.
  7. Jebber

    Reef's Game Room - pic heavy!

    As someone who just paid a crook to do my basement I say Bravo! Very well done.
  8. Just getting started, I cut my wood, sanded and rounded where needed. I have to rip into 8 identical slats. I’m still deciding how I’m going go from there. I’ll have a 24 x24 shelf which will be in two pieces with the corners cut to accommodate the stand. Should go from outside edge to outside edge. I’m thinking I could cut out an opening to hold my pizza stones vertically on the side or perhaps attach some hardware.
  9. Jebber

    Weekend Cook!

    When I first saw your picture I thought I was seeing s pickup with a grill built in the bed. They look tasty indeed.
  10. I’m recovering from the flu and as a sign I’m mending I started to think of ways to customize my classic. I came up with a lower shelf idea, googled it and found this thread. My bad in not searching here first lol. Great info, I’m thinking of doing a lower shelf to match the side shelf’s I recently changed out. I keep thinking of alternative ways to do this, it’ll drive me a little crazy until I pick one.
  11. Jebber

    Cowboy Ribeye

    That looks amazing, I always thought that was a tomahawk ribeye though? my mouth needs to stop watering
  12. Jebber

    Classic I Sale - Good Deal?

    Nice, I thought I did well at 686 incctax and delivery. Off the search lol
  13. Jebber

    My First Customization

    Oh yea, I’m totally gonna mar it up, just a question of when. I almost made a couple of extra slats but I think I need all the wood I have left to trim out a window in my laundry room (only window I have yet to replace)
  14. Jebber

    My First Customization

    Popular, I had some left over from trimming out my interior windows. If I was going to start from scratch I’d probably go with a more exotic hardwood but being retired I have to watch my cash flows.