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  1. Nice! I have been looking to add the soapstone to my list of grilling surfaces. Currenting I use the flat side of the grillgrates for scallops, shrimp, and veggies. It works well.
  2. I am having the same issue with the top slider sticking. Will give PBW a try. Thanks
  3. Thanks John for your comments. After posting this I found your review on the KJ basket in another section of the forum. It only makes sense to get the KJ basket.
  4. I was in the process of ordering a KAB for my Big Joe when I saw the KJ Basket which works with the D/C system. Has anyone purchased the KJ basket and is it as good as or better than the KAB? Kick Ash or Kamado Big Joe Basket?
  5. Will do on the picture. Fat cap up or down?
  6. Looking for smoking recommendations for a bottom round roast. About 7 lbs.
  7. Anyone ever use the XL adjustable rig for the Big Joe? It is sold by the Ceramic Grill Store in Texas. Looks like it will add extra cooking options for the Big Joe.
  8. Eastern BBQ sauce is good. I like Lexington (NC) style too with the red bbq slaw. Good stuff.
  9. Bought a Big Joe last week after 6 months of debating if it was worth it. Loved cooking on my PK (for years) but after the first cook, I found out what I had been missing......
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