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  1. Looks great! How do you all freeze a pork butt? Chunk it or shred it? I’m planning to throw 4 on tomorrow. One for a birthday party Friday, two to rewarm Saturday and one for the freezer.
  2. ebterrier

    Pellet Joe

    cool vid if you’re bored
  3. Welp, went to a wedding last night and got drunk. 4 butts went on at 11pm and pulled at 9am as I had to leave. Didn’t wrap them in the morning . They were between 185-190 but the edges were 205. With them not having a bone there was a big flap on each one so those were perfect. They all shredded just fine. We’re delish. I also forgot to put a drip pan so there’s a bunch of burned grease on the slo roller. Should be a fun clean up. Oh well I’d say it was a fun cook. Was a big hit at the party too.
  4. make that 4. Just going to make all 4. So 32 pound of pork before I trim it up. Or do I not trim the fat cap. DUN DUN Duuuun. Either way I am going to season with Meat Churchs Honey Hog. Then smoke them for as long as I can. They need to be off by 930am tomorrow. Ill post pictures tomorrow. Hope everyone has some smoke rollin today.
  5. Another thing, drippings. Just put a a couple extra drip pans down there? I have to transport them so I will put them in pans to in the cooler and shred one at a time when I get to the reunion. Pulled pork tacos it is.
  6. Tried using the search. Went to good ol Costco and picked up some butts. $1.99 per pound. These are vacuum sealed and weight in at 15-16 pounds per pack. They are boneless and are two per pack. I believe they are one butt cut in half. So, roughly 7.5 pounds each. I plan to freeze one and cook up 3 on BJ tonight. I have not cooked more than one shoulder at a time. Those of you who have cooked more than one at a time, what should I expect? Should I expect a longer cook time due to more mass inside of the cooker? Or will is be as thought I am cooking a single butt, just 3 on there. Pla
  7. it is nice to have. It covers the bottom shelf on my KJBJ3. I usually have my heat deflectors, x thing, extra greats, and other stuff covered. Would eventually like a storage for it but its nice being there. Plus it just keeps it a little cleaner.
  8. ebterrier

    Wood Chunks

    Have not ordered from here yet. Harry Soo did a youtube video with them. https://thewoodshedoc.com/cooking-wood
  9. Once on the cart the 3 rolls with ease. The casters are very smooth to roll. Get 2 other friends and you will be ok. Its definitely heavy and awkward but managable. My bother and I lifted my III.
  10. @BrewBQ nice! This was my first butt so can’t want till my next one.
  11. 4th of July Costco spare ribs. 5 hours and seasoned with bacon honey hog. Delish. Transported to a friends house. Probably the best ribs I’ve ever cooked. More to come lol
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