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  1. ebterrier

    Joe 2 or 3

    https://atlantagrillcompany.com/ still waiting for my 3 to arrive. 2k out the door for a big joe 3. Yes, a large sum of money but I know I will have "no regerts."
  2. Just watched the vid, looks great. The question I have is if you did not cook the butt in the pan then all of the drippings would go down the slo roller and outside of the firebox creating a pool of juices at the bottom of the kamado. So, a drip pan would be needed. If using the grate level flush with the bottom gasket it looks as though there is not enough room for a pan. Normally when using just the heat deflector and say no pan, the juices would go down the heat deflector and onto the fire? I have not had my first cook on a kamado yet so I am just asking the question. Thank you.
  3. I ordered March 1. Emailed them a few days ago. They said its coming from Salt Lake City. AGC will send me a tracking number when shipped. Also they said middle of April it should ship. When it comes it comes I guess....
  4. Just scrolling through Costco.com and they are now selling Kamado joes online with shipping! I am waiting for my big joe 3 but wanted to let everyone know.
  5. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Any reason why? I am in California. Oh well never mind. Did not click on page 5 lol.
  6. What did they say? Their instagram shows them selling them. I also preordered. 2 weeks ago they said they were a few weeks out still. I too have not got a confirmation of shipment either. I am sure it will show up when I go on vacation next week.
  7. KJ instagram. They have been posting on the filming of the grills. The insert says do not exceed 500 degrees F. Also, website is updated. https://www.kamadojoe.com/grills/
  8. Definitely, that is one reason I ended up going with the 3 instead of 2. Some what justifiable. Wife was pis*** but oh well.
  9. ebterrier


    Ended up pre ordering a big Joe 3 and a few goodies. Expected to Ship on the 15th.
  10. Welp, just pre-ordered my first kamado. KJ3 from Atlanta grill company. Also got cast iron grill, cast iron reversible, pizza stone, cover, mk4 temp probe, and smoke temp probe from thermoworks. And a bunch of meat church rubs. Website says they will start shipping the grills on the 15th of March. I think I'm set for awhile! -Tim
  11. Atlanta grill company has the same prices with $99 dollar shipping. -Tim
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