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  1. ebterrier

    Pellet Joe

    cool vid if you’re bored
  2. Welp, went to a wedding last night and got drunk. 4 butts went on at 11pm and pulled at 9am as I had to leave. Didn’t wrap them in the morning . They were between 185-190 but the edges were 205. With them not having a bone there was a big flap on each one so those were perfect. They all shredded just fine. We’re delish. I also forgot to put a drip pan so there’s a bunch of burned grease on the slo roller. Should be a fun clean up. Oh well I’d say it was a fun cook. Was a big hit at the party too.
  3. make that 4. Just going to make all 4. So 32 pound of pork before I trim it up. Or do I not trim the fat cap. DUN DUN Duuuun. Either way I am going to season with Meat Churchs Honey Hog. Then smoke them for as long as I can. They need to be off by 930am tomorrow. Ill post pictures tomorrow. Hope everyone has some smoke rollin today.
  4. Another thing, drippings. Just put a a couple extra drip pans down there? I have to transport them so I will put them in pans to in the cooler and shred one at a time when I get to the reunion. Pulled pork tacos it is.
  5. Tried using the search. Went to good ol Costco and picked up some butts. $1.99 per pound. These are vacuum sealed and weight in at 15-16 pounds per pack. They are boneless and are two per pack. I believe they are one butt cut in half. So, roughly 7.5 pounds each. I plan to freeze one and cook up 3 on BJ tonight. I have not cooked more than one shoulder at a time. Those of you who have cooked more than one at a time, what should I expect? Should I expect a longer cook time due to more mass inside of the cooker? Or will is be as thought I am cooking a single butt, just 3 on there. Planning on shooting for 250° and the normal 1.5 hours per pound ( as thought I am cooking a single butt). Thanks, Tim
  6. it is nice to have. It covers the bottom shelf on my KJBJ3. I usually have my heat deflectors, x thing, extra greats, and other stuff covered. Would eventually like a storage for it but its nice being there. Plus it just keeps it a little cleaner.
  7. ebterrier

    Wood Chunks

    Have not ordered from here yet. Harry Soo did a youtube video with them. https://thewoodshedoc.com/cooking-wood
  8. Once on the cart the 3 rolls with ease. The casters are very smooth to roll. Get 2 other friends and you will be ok. Its definitely heavy and awkward but managable. My bother and I lifted my III.
  9. @BrewBQ nice! This was my first butt so can’t want till my next one.
  10. Looks great. What kind of fish is that?
  11. 4th of July Costco spare ribs. 5 hours and seasoned with bacon honey hog. Delish. Transported to a friends house. Probably the best ribs I’ve ever cooked. More to come lol
  12. E2B524C1-EF58-4E54-B197-8CAFAAD2C641.MOV
  13. Wow, I have to say I killed it. This was my first shoulder I have cooked. Bought an 11 lb pork shoulder yesterday with the plans of having nachos for lunch. $1.99 a pound. Cut it open and seasoned with meat Church’s the holy gospel rub. Put it on at 9pm at 250 degrees. Had to get up a few times to make adjustments. Had my smoke controller next to my bed and kept checking the temp way too much. Grate temp was 250 for a few hours then crept up to 265, pinched her down and went to 230 a few hours later. And at 6am was 291. Did that crap 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night/morning. Couldn’t get a stable temp as it would just slowly creep up or down. It took a few hours but still bugged me . It was fun though. Not once did I peak in the grill. Just let it ride. Opened it up at 8 and looked good. Coolest part was 190 and most was at 196-198. All probing felt good too. Took it off at 10 and wrapped it up. Took the boy to soccer and came back and shredded at 1230. My oh my. Bone came out clean and the bark was amazing. What an awesome fun cook I had. Made nachos with the meat. Thanks for reading.
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