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  1. yea I saw they are 5 bucks off until next week. I am loaded for awhile lol.
  2. @EnlightenedVegan It is the kamado joe cast iron. I bought it from AtlantaGrillCompany.com. It is also sold on amazon or other stores as well. Cooks great right out of the box.
  3. lol I didnt see this post earlier about napa. Same thing, cooked last night and still warm this morning about 150 degrees. I shook the basket to get all the ash out so hopefully its out by the time I get home from work in a few hours. The good thing is that its not burning all my lump. Just a small hot spot. But if I open my vent or lid it would start back up. Oh well.
  4. My friends got married at V Sattui! Great wines.
  5. First question is....you like to eat the skin? I have had deep fried salmon skin at a sushi restaurant but never eaten the skin on a trout. Lay some foil down, little olive oil, salt pepper garlic the fillets and lay some lemon slices on top. Best part is the skin will stick to the foil and you can slide your spatula in between the meat and skin for easy clean up. If whole trout use a pair of shears and cut all the fins, tail, and head off and season inside and outside the fish. You could use a fork to slide all the skin off. Fish skin is tough to get off the grill even after a hot burn. You can also do a foil pouch for a whole trout. Lots of options. Good luck.
  6. @Bgosnell151 the grill has seen some cooks and some smoke so its not pristine anymore! thanks again. @len440 oh yea. We are about an hour and a half from Napa, CA and the city I live in has about 15 wineries about 10 minutes away. No shortage of wine to be drank around here! Even our grocery store has wine tasting LOL
  7. HaHa yea.....Not really sure what I am doing but its working. LOL Wanted to do some smash potatoes I saw someone do on Instagram which looked good, and they were. Also, like doing the reverse sears on the steaks which I have had some success on so far. Took the veggies off and turned up the heat for the sear. Worked pretty good and was a fun cook.
  8. Stopped at Costco not too far away from me and picked up 5 bags of kJ lump. Lowe’s charges $25 for 20 pounds taxes it’s about 27. Costco roadshow had the 30 pound bags for $21.99. Picked up 5. Wish I could have gotten more but my wife already thought I was crazy. I’ll get more at the next Bay Area roadshow. Cooked a few New York’s from costco, golden potatoes that I smashed, and some frozen green beans. Indirect on the steaks until 115 then pulled the beans and taters off and move the steaks for the cast iron. Delicious. Thanks for reading.
  9. online sale ends tonight. They are running low in inventory due to the sale that the online sale is being cut short.
  10. @len440 I am in Livermore. Only about an hour and a half away from Vacaville.
  11. No problem bud. It does look a little warped. The right side of the slider tab of the bottom vent I can push down a little, where the smoke is coming from. So it might just need a little rebending to get a better fit. As for the fire being in the front. The last one the fire was in the back, go figure lol.
  12. I totally understand that rolling some smoke and using the grill will eventually make a little build up and eventually seal up some leaks. If the air leaks did not result in my lump still burning 24 hours later it wouldn't be much of a deal. The last time I fired it up all I had to do was open the lid which ignited my lump in just a few minutes. Once I receive the top vent I will test out shut down time to see if I need to make any adjustments to my bottom vent. Might just need to bend the door a little. Like I said before, Kamado Joe from my few experiences has been awesome. Really happy with my purchase besides the leak issue. Oh well. I still plan on cooking.
  13. @len440, that picture is of my grill lol.
  14. Dealing with Kamado joe has been nothing short of awesome. Sent a warranty claim last night (mostly just asking the question) and got back with me less that 24 hours later. They are sending me a new top vent. It’s backordered a few weeks but all good. @SPORO I’ve done a few long cooks and some hot cooks and it still won’t shut down. So Im sure it’s just the top vent. (Crosses fingers)
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