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  1. I've noticed when I light up my Kamado Joe initially, there are billows of smoke that last perhaps about 30 minutes are so. I believe it is both from the initial burn to the coals, along with cooking off the bits of grease and food from the deflector from previous smokes. For a cleaner taste on my food, I tried a bit of a different technique on my Kamado Joe, and I was curious what your thoughts were: I light the coals as normal, give it about 10-15 minutes, then put the deflector on, close the lid, and bring it up to the desired temp (250 degrees lets say), and I watch the chi
  2. LOVE wings on the Kamado!!! looks delicious!!!
  3. Thanks! I bought the standalone version, which included the cool red feet.
  4. Hi All: Greetings from beautiful El Dorado Hills, California! Proud owner here of a Kamado Joe Classic II, as part of a backyard kitchen build-out we did in the summer of 2018. I am very happy with the purchase. The Kamado Joe is not only efficient, effective, and innovative, but beautiful, and the talking point of many a guest who has come to visit and say "what the heck is that?!",, to which I happily proceed to share and tell with enthusiasm. The ole Kamado and I have already been down many an adventurous journey: Have had my hand at brisket, chicken
  5. Thanks for the insight on HeaterMeter! I'll have to read some more about it!!! thx, t
  6. Hi Andrew: Yup! the other reviews I've read, are just like yours, regards to Fireboard: People love this thing, the videos I saw of the graphics are really stunning, and as far as thermometers go, if you are into precision, I would venture a guess that the Fireboard folks are as State of the Art as they come, perhaps. Thanks for sharing! Your review is especially interesting, given that you have messed around with the CyberQ, and have been able to compare the two. hey, let me know if you buy the drive cable and turn it into a pit stoker! (you should, you're one cable away,
  7. That's pretty awesome! Great share, thank you! I went to the site, and I believe it has been discontinued. if you find otherwise, lemme know. But I did read reviews of this thing, and it seems to have a strong following!
  8. Thanks Rip...I forgot to mention it in my post. Looks to be a good down and dirty non connected, basic option out there. Checked their website, and it is similar to the BBQGURU PartyQ. PitMaster currently running $140. Not too bad!
  9. That's great feedback! Thanks for insight on the FlameBoss line! As for Bluetooth issues, testify, testify! You are describing me and my Igrill, 30 feet out, for sure. thx, t
  10. https://rocksbarbque.com/Guide.html. Check here. No longer sells them.
  11. Checked his website...looks like he no longer sells them.
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