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    tonydp got a reaction from Panchango in KJ Classic 2 Sloped Patio   
    Just remember if you cook anything in liquid it won't be even.  When I do muscles I put scrap wood under mine to level it up
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    tonydp reacted to Christian in Corner Table Build Help   
    Hi, I want to build a cedar corner table for my deck that can accommodate  my classic II and a Jr I have on the way. 

    I was wondering if anyone has build plans for something like that. 
    I’m attaching a picture for reference. 
    Any help will be appreciated. 

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    tonydp got a reaction from churd in Starting a Fire for Low and Slow - Definitive   
    To the guys having problems you could try the method i use. I put the few lit cooks on one far side and trail it to the other. I've always done it this way and that's why i wasn't sure what this volcano thing was. might be worth a shot. Maybe i can post a pic tomorrow. if anyone else does it this way they can chime in.
    I truly believe that after a few times it'll be dead easy to get it going.
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    tonydp got a reaction from Savage Henry in Sold my Akorn, time to say goodbye   
    Very nice, I should have thought of a towel bar for the BGE table. Maybe if I build myself one I'll do it too.
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    tonydp reacted to Ben S in Big Green Egg EGGToberfest 2014   
    When I started looking at kamados I considered an egg feat egg. There were many reasons wy I went the route I did.
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    tonydp got a reaction from Teajunkie in oh so close......   
    Yeah it's a Broil King Keg. I don't want to spend more than I have to.
    I guess the Weber charcoal grate would work too, it's 18" across
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    tonydp reacted to K'man in Forums Members - bigsteelkeg.com   
    There is so much spam, .... the people who run it are volunteers.  Hang tight.  Now that I have your email I will make a direct contact on your behalf.
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    tonydp got a reaction from Jack. in Sold my Akorn, time to say goodbye   
    Yeah thanks, I'll hang around and scan for a while, Especially since there doesn't seem to be much going on over there.
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    tonydp got a reaction from K'man in BSK vs Char-Griller Kamado   
    I'm looking for a deal on a bsk currently. My Akorn it's rusting pretty good now. It's worth the difference in price imo.
    Update: I was able to get on from local HD for $500 tax in after Rona price match.
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    tonydp reacted to rwalters in Sold my Akorn, time to say goodbye   
    Congrats! Any pics? The Broil King Keg is one the few kamado's that I have not seen in person.
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    tonydp reacted to K'man in Forums Members - bigsteelkeg.com   
    I had the same problem.  They get overwhelmed but eventually I got in.
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    tonydp reacted to Big Dawg in Akorn Jr. For $139 plus shipping - 5 available   
    Hi All,

    Firstly, John or the other moderators, if I am breaking a rule by doing this, please delete the post or move it to the proper forum!

    I have five brand new Akorn Jr.'s I picked up at various Menards for sale to my BBQ brethren! Four are new in the box; one is an assembled display model.

    I can't sell them for $99, but can sell them for the clearance price before they were marked down to $99, which is $139. No tax, and you pay whatever actual shipping costs end up being.

    Finally, I do have a Paypal account, so if you want to pay by credit card, I believe I can accept payment that way.

    Hopefully this will help some folks in their quest for a Jr.; if not, I'll return them to the stores.

    Email or message me if interested...Thanks
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    tonydp reacted to Marty in finally rusted through..... now i know where the water goes.   
    The AKORN is metal with insulation. It does not hold much heat except in the enclosed air--so once the lump is out and the heat vented it is cool. I vent at around 15 minutes until I see a very glimmer of a  glow  on the first time and  by the next I just let the heat out and close every 15 minutes. It may help that I sealed the air slide to the ash trap and put felt behind the slide. By 45 minutes it is usually cool to the touch.
    Larry or Lardog had a video about over shooting temp and venting to get back to temp after shutting down the air.
    Now the Big Joe is another matter. The ceramic holds a LOT of heat and it can take hours to cool down. Venting seems to help only a little bit at the beginning.
    With the Big Joe it is 3 to 4 hours to cool.
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    tonydp got a reaction from JeffieBoy in finally rusted through..... now i know where the water goes.   
    January 2012 I think. I expect to get another 2 years out of it. Just bought a 13.5" grate. No worries yet.
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    tonydp reacted to Jack. in Temperature Control by Vision Company Owner   
    This method works best for me on both my Vision Pro S and my Primo XL:
    I stack the lump appropriate for the cook I intend, i.e., volcano for longer cooks, and mix in whatever smoking wood I'm using.
    I start the fire w/ half a weber cube in the crater and leave the lid open, standing right there the entire time, until the fire has ignited a small amount of lump. This usually takes about 5 minutes. Remember--NEVER walk away from a kamado with an open lid; the results can be literally disastrous
    When the lump has caught, close the lid, and open the bottom and top vents 100%. Monitor your temperatures as they rise until you get to within 40* of your target temp. (Some people say within 25*, but I prefer a really slow ramp-up).
    The bottom vent I use for general temp control. The top vent I use for fine adjustment. The more I use my kamados, the more I learn predictable settings, but never losing track of the fact that every cook is different, and every fire is different.
    When your temp has stabilized @ target for about 20-30 minutes, open the lid carefully and start cooking, monitoring, now and then as you go.
    I know this is pretty rudimentary, but it has worked well for me.
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    tonydp got a reaction from mapett in Sad day for my Kamado   
    Well a new grate is $25. They offered to replace it free under warranty if i had my receipt. I didn't have the heart to cheat them for my doing so i just payed for it.
    They said my stone shipped already too.
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    tonydp got a reaction from briantompo in Akorn Mods & Fixes   
    Good work. Looks nice and clean. Don't forget, these are issues all kamado's have regardless of how much they cost.
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