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  1. 8-10 would be a push but possible. 1) Full firebox 2) Correct fuel. Larger chunks burn hotter and longer. Cowboy worked very well for me for 6 and holding the temp for longer time. RO has much smaller pieces and could not hold higher temps for long. 3) Make them back to back. Not much time here to bake and eat. 4) This would be for 650 to 700deg temps and 3 to 4 minutes / pizza. Good luck!
  2. A beatiful SoCal sunset with my Saffire and pizza. Diavola - Pepperoni + Calabrese Peppers + Mozarella
  3. These are my latest. One thing learned on this round. I used RO and it did not last as long as my previous cook in which I used Cowboy charcoal. I think I get higher temperatures and longer lasting with the Cowboy. I have had good results w temps at 700deg. Cook times of 3-4 minutes.
  4. I like the Royal Oak tumbleweed starters. $3something at Walmart for 16. I use 1 to 4 depending and how fast I want it to start. They are $6something at Homedepot...so Walmart it is.
  5. I have been making the dough at about 62% hydration. Lately I have been using Marc Vetri's Neapolitan recipe with a poolish starter which I really like now. Thank you Freddy.
  6. Chasdev, I am glad a checked the activity feed. I had notifications turned off. I did not add any "seasoned ground tomato". I just diluted with water for the desired consistency and did add a bit of chocolate. That was it. Enjoy!
  7. I had been wanting to try picaña, and I stumbled onto a couple of pieces at Walmart of all places. After a bit of research I started by making cuts on the fat cap and seasoning with plenty of salt and some pepper. I started the cook by searing the bottom first and then flipped it and let the fat cap cook until it was a bit crispy and the internal temp was about 90 to 95 deg. I pulled it and cut into steaks and then returned to the fire for searing the sides and cook to an internal temp of 145 + -. It is a nice cut of meat, full of flavor and super juicy. I love the cooked / crispy fat too.
  8. Kabobs.... Beef, marinated with ginger and soy sauce. Mahi Mahi, just oil salt and pepper. Croutons and Orange pieces. Spinach and roasted tomato salad.
  9. For moving it... take out all the removable parts and use a mover's blanket. Use the blanket as a sling. It makes it considerably easier to handle. And allows for 2,3 or 4 people to carry it.
  10. I also think that the fire coming from below on Kamados hits the stones too hard. On a traditional wood fire oven the fire sits at the same level with flames shooting above to the dome. Marc Vetri on his book Mastering Pizza suggests a floor temperature of 600deg. With that in mind I created a setup using 2.5" insulating brick between my deflector and pizza stone. I shoot for 700deg dome temp and and about 580deg for the stone. They take about 3 to 4 mins to cook. Not exactly Neapolitan specs, but happy with the results. Here are photos of my setup and results:
  11. Just the lump charcoal is great. If you like mushrooms, out of any topping they absorb the most smoke. I love them. Looking forward to see your finished pizzas.
  12. Thank you Ski-Freak. I did not buy the Kamado with the intention of making pizzas, but fell into a rabbit hole and have had a lot of fun making them. New England is beautiful!! Thanks for the back and forth and good luck to you as well.
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