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  1. Jose Andres Zapata

    Tonight's Paella

    Looks great! I am dying to try paella on my grill.
  2. Jose Andres Zapata

    Bake Me Some Pie

    It looks fantastic John!
  3. Jose Andres Zapata

    Anchovy and Mushroom Pizzas

    keeperovdeflame, they are on mushroom and one anchovy. The anchovies came in a small jar and were not as strong as the ones in the pizza from our favorite local pizzeria. Those are usually a bit overpowering. These were much more subtle and delicious. The came in olive oil and wrappend around a caper each. I unrolled them from the capers and spread those around too.
  4. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fired up - 700 degrees

    Got it!
  5. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fired up - 700 degrees

    Thanks ckreef for the advise on the temp. Pardon the ignorance but what is the WFO?
  6. Jose Andres Zapata

    Ribs on my Saffire

    Rub - Homemade, adjusted from several recipes. Sauce - Based on Franklins. TBH I found it too buttery, will try a different recipe next time. 2.5 hours uncovered at between 275 and 300 deg. Added ACV and honey and covered for another 2.5. Was able to hold 275 at this stage. Last .5 hour uncovered at 275. In they go... @ 2.5 hrs. @ 5 hrs The finished product:
  7. Jose Andres Zapata

    Need Peal tips and suggestions

    Move quickly but don't stretch too fast to the point you expose the moisture in the dough. Don't use a roller, just use your hands. Check out Roberta's New York Times video on youtube. Worked out great for me. First pies that slid off no problem. Key points: Room Temperature dough Stretch on countertop Move to peel dusted with flour Add toppings quickly Good luck!
  8. Jose Andres Zapata

    Anchovy and Mushroom Pizzas

    Thank you ckreef.
  9. Jose Andres Zapata

    Anchovy and Mushroom Pizzas

    Dough - Roberta's recipe from NYT website Sauce - Homemade Cheese - 4 Cheese Blend from Lucca's in San Francisco The grill - Preheated to 725deg. Opening only dropped slightly below 700deg and recovered quickly. 3-5 min cooking time. The cheese was boiling and started to brown.... that is when I took them out.
  10. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fired up - 700 degrees

    Coming under the pizza topic
  11. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fired up - 700 degrees

    The pics don't show up? Trying again...
  12. Jose Andres Zapata

    The Pizza tip that has helped me the most:

    What was your dome temperature when the stone was at 600 deg?
  13. Jose Andres Zapata

    Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

    The pineapple looks excellent! I can't wait to try some wings myself.
  14. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fired up - 700 degrees

    Getting my grill ready for pizza
  15. Jose Andres Zapata

    Fig, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Pie

    The flavor combinations sound great! and it looks wonderful too.