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  1. I took the videos using Facebook app not sure how to do this.
  2. The only other accessory I don't have is the pull out Ash pan. But not sure I want it. It reduces the size of the cavity under the fire box. Seems like that shape would increase the natural hot spot in the rear cooking area. I could be wrong. It would be interesting if somebody who has one tried cooks with and without of the same food.
  3. I made a few videos and posted the in the Joe Facebook group. This install took some time but we'll worth it. But you can't be in a hurry.
  4. Well I finally got the gaskets on and the Joe back together. Turned out great. Adjusting the bands to get the dome to sit right took some time. Well worth it. I will keep rocking my 2011 Joe another 8 years.
  5. eBay is where I found mine but comes with a new hinge. I would get the hinge.
  6. Well I removed my bands. Scraped off side gaskets and top/bottom gaskets. Scraped it all down. Used a wire wheel on my drill to remove remaining adhesive. Wiped it all down with acetone. Took this opportunity to really scrub the dome and remove black gunk that dripped out from kontrol tower. Installed new side gaskets and new banding. Unrolled new gaskets and flattened out under a board with weights for two days. Then I stretched out and pre bent gaskets on joe making it as round as possible. It seems like the adhesive backings makes it difficult to curve the gasket. It ripped in spots as I rounded the gasket but should be ok as I am going to use permatex. Now I am just waiting on the peratex to arrive today. I plan on setting the gaskets bolth on the same day as I have the top and bottom apart. I reomoved the hinge fom the new bands. I will use frog tape and probably set a square piece of plywood on top of each gasket with a weight to hold down while it cures. I think the benefit of having the grill apart for the install will be when I set the dome on the base I will have to adjust the bands to reattach the hinge allowing bolth top and bottom to sit perfectly before I install the springs. Also I won't have to close the joe before the permatex cures messing up the gasket placement if the alignment is not perfect, which since it is a thicker gasket is a good possibility. I know this seems like alot of work but I want to like what I see as I will hopefully have this gasket on a long time. This is my second time refurbishing this joe but the first time replacing the banding. The first time I just sanded and painted the the original banding which was starting to rust. I plan on putting both of the gasket seams in the center in the back just like the new Joe's from the factory. I will post pics when I am done.
  7. So I am getting ready to replace my gasket. At the same time I am replacing the banding and hinge. One of the posts inferred that the best way to do the gasket was to remove the dome. So is it not nessesary to have the two half's pressed together to seat the gasket properly? Any details on this method of install would be appreciated. I have an original classic from 2011 an have taken it apart before. None of the install pics have looked very clean or even. Looking to achieve a factory installed look as this will be on my Joe along time. I am willing to do whatever is necessary. Thanks in advance.
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