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    @adam319How did you get it?
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    @dj-ia Were you ever able to find this???
  3. I have an Akorn Jr, two KJ's and have had a Large BGE in the past. The Akorn has its place but isn't up to par with a ceramic kamado, IMO. The Akorn is priced where it is for a reason, if it were to last two or three times longer than they do now the price would go up significantly.
  4. Have you thought about getting a KJ JR or BGE MiniMax? I know its not the size you were looking for but they are portable so you can take it wherever you'd like and store it inside.
  5. I know this is an old post but, @bhnelsen do you happen to have plans for this table?
  6. John, I have a question regarding the UMAI sealer. Are you able to use it as a regular vacuum sealer as well as with the UMAI bags?
  7. I figured those were used and I’m ok with that. I just need to find one.
  8. John, I actually called them yesterday and spoke with someone. She was very brief and said that they no longer produce them. I was trying to get her to send me to someone that may know of one stashed in the warehouse somewhere but that didn’t happen. I noticed Eric Gephart had a couple of these this past weekend out in the Grand Cayman so I’m hoping there’s one available somewhere. I’ve also called all of my local dealers to no avail.
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy a stand alone Big Joe with stainless bands. I know this is an old model and the only ones coming with these now are the Pro Joe. I am located in the New Orleans area and will travel some for the correct grill. Let me know what you have! -Bradley
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