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  1. I purchased a KJ from Lowes and had my first cook this weekend. Cost - thought I got a pretty good deal at $750 here in Socal... but I noticed that some people have bought them at ~$200 so I am happy but envious at the same time. Oh well. First cook.... Small pork butt about 5 pounds. Filled with Mesquite Lump about 11am Bought lump from Smart & Final (local grocery store)... I think it was $14 for 40lbs - no brand whatsoever.. says "consumer commodity" :) Used one fire starter... It almost went out... but I used a BBQ Dragon I got for Christmas to get it going strong Cooked all day and made very minor changes to the vents to keep it in the right temp range. I did not have to add any charcoal or anything. Really I felt like I should have had to do more... it was almost too simple. Results.... About 6pm it was ready. After a rest and some NE Carolina sauce it turned out to be the best pork i've ever cooked! I can't believe it really. Pork was so juicy and moist (my wife's hates that word).... amazing! Sauce... Source: https://bbqbeat.com/eastern-carolina-bbq-sauce-recipes/ Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce Recipe #4 – Barn Goddess Carolina Q Sauce 3 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Cups Brown Sugar 1/4 Cup Hot sauce 2 Tablespoons Red pepper flake 2 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper 1/8 Cup salt How I think it compared to my other bbqs.... I have used a Weber Smoky Mountain - it was hard to keep the temp in the right range and had to add coal through the cook. Great bbq but a lot of work. I have a natural gas powered Smoke Vault - thought it might be easier to control but quite the opposite. As wood was added it flared up.. Flavor was not as good as charcoal. Weber kettle... good flavor but not as good result and harder to control... more babysitting. Overall I am thrilled with this purchase. Doing a trip tip tonight and will attempt pizza next weekend.
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