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  1. I like to make bacon, among other things. Now here's my question: when my Kamado Jr is heating up, do I stop it when it hits 200, or let it get hotter and then bring it back down. If I stop it, will the wood chunks smoke enough? Cheers, Michael
  2. If you're in Toronto, visit the St. Lawrence Market. First, it's interesting and fun, and the Carousel has famous back bacon on a bun.Yes, there's no Canadian bacon in Canada, no English muffins in England, and you can't buy a New York steak in NY!
  3. I love to make bacon. I cure it in a maple syrup cure, and then smoke it with hickory. Love it, as does everyone I share it with.
  4. can you please add something about how to maintain stable temps. I find mine are always very slowly going up or down. TIA
  5. OK, so I answer my own question. The sear grate is just a teeny tiny bit too small. But it will fit on top of the Weber stainless steel grill grate. So,... We'll see.
  6. No winter here, but as I rent out my place for the winter, I put it away. Don't want it messed with.
  7. I'm also a newbie, and a lover of Amsterdam, a home of my heart. Enjoy 1
  8. Soaking wood does virtually nothing. Even chips don't really absorb water. http://virtualweberbullet.com/woods.html#soak
  9. Weber sells a sear grate that's 11.9". I've measured and it should fit on the deflector ledges in the Akorn Jr. Has anyone tried this? I can get it through Amazon, so it can be returned if it doesn't fit. Cheers, Michael
  10. I haven't heard back yet, but will likely wait till I'm back in Canada to save on the shipping.
  11. Thanks very much, SmoovD. I was looking around at some other posts and saw it mentioned, so it's already ordered. I also sent a query to Michael''s Custom Grills. I'm also wondering if the Weber Sear Grate might sit on the lower tabs. Cheers, Michael
  12. I'm a newbie and in Mexico. Immediately after curing my grate, it slipped out of my hand and broke into five pieces. Char-Griller will send me a $20 replacement, but it will cost me $46 for shipping. Before I commit, are there any aftermarket grates that will fit the JR and might be sturdier. From what I've read the Akorn grates break if you look at them wrong. TIA Michael
  13. Hi, I'm Michael, aka Canada Mike. This intro might be a tad longer than usual. You see, I was a serious smoker for 20 years, until we downsized to an apartment, and I had to give away my Weber Smokey Mountain. But three years ago I began spending my winters in Ajijic in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. I've now gone out and bought a Kmadao Joe Jr, which, it seems is an Akorn Jr. I wanted a kamado because I want to get back to smoking, but also want to grill. So my little egg is perfect. A few years ago when I was still smoking (grilling, of course, goes without saying,) I was quite active on the TVWBB, and found the folks there highly useful. In facat almost everything I know about smoking is from those folks (and a few books.) I'm sure this group will be every bit as useful. Right now I'm finishing my curing process and can start cooking soon.
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