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  1. One thing I noticed is I had my other original app running as well and that was sending an alert too. I forced the old app to stop so just one was running. Not sure if your situation is the same. I've been keeping notes too but since it's BETA I'm going to hold off on reporting. A lot of the stuff is probably known, not implemented fully yet etc. The online monitoring looks like it will be pretty slick. If they can make this thing reliable and work out some of the glitches of the old setup I'll be a happy camper. They probably have several months of development before it's fully functional but like where this is going
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with how it was shipped. The last bag of B&B had probably the best sized pieces of any lump I've purchased and I've tried pretty much all of them (the top of the line FOGO, Jealous Devil etc..). I had to cut up a lot of the pieces because they were too large. I think fist size or smaller is ideal. It's not always like that. I've had some bags with smallish pieces but I've also had that with premium. I always feel the bag and move it around and listen for small pieces jangling around. Overall I think B&B is a great choice for lump.
  3. I created an account using the same username and password and then I got in
  4. I was told when we open the app we'll get a notification that a firmware update is available when it's ready to go. Apparently was going to go out last week but then they found a few other things they wanted to put in with it. So probably be updated soon. I've experienced the freeze scenario occasionally as well. Been testing this new app all day and no issues with that so far though. It's possible it could be fixed without a firmware fix depending on what's causing the freeze. Editing this. After going for many hours it lost internet connection even though the wifi signal was very strong. Had to turn the Signals off then on again and it was connected again. I had fired up the old app as well and it couldn't see it either. That does sound like it's the Signals itself. Hopefully the Firmware that's due out fixes that
  5. No I don't have the link. She had just told me to email her if I needed it. Since you already emailed them they'll probably get it to you soon. If so could you post it in this thread? Be good if they have multiple testers. Hopefully they've tightened up the open lid feature. They added that a while back but it's not implemented very well (at least for a Kamado). It can easily overshoot the temp since it doesn't wait long enough for the temp to climb before the fan kicks back in. I'm going to test that out tomorrow and see if they've worked on the algorithm. When the lid is closed (using current setup, not the new app etc.) I've been able to get very steady temperatures. I've had connection issues though and just a lot of little glitchy stuff. Hopefully they get this worked out since it's completely redone from the ground up.
  6. Do you have to get right over it to feel the heat or will you still feel it a little ways away? (I mean in general not just from the knees down) I heard one person say the heat doesn't radiate out much and shoots straight up. Also, how is it for sparks? I live in California with a big hill in my backyard and my uptight neighbors would be upset if I accidentally lit the neighborhood on fire.
  7. It makes great wings but if you use a dry rub it will just knock all the rub off. Works really well if it's marinated. Or if you cook it and add a rub after it's cooked. I got the Napolean basket. Works great. Kind of a tight fit on the classic so I got screws with a smaller handle (super easy to find at a hardware store) For whole chickens I personally think it comes out better spatchcocking it and cooking it. Comes out great on the rotisserie too of course. You can use pretty much any recipe. Just watch it on the sugar or you'll end up burning it. Also for chicken you'll want to bank the coals or the fat will end up burning the bird a bit. I really like the rotisserie for picanha, tri-tip, pork tenderloin, roasting coffee beans (can get a coffee basket for like $12 on Amazon).
  8. There is now a BETA website for the Signals and Billows. It's cloud.thermoworks.com. As well there is a new BETA app that has been written from the ground up so they'll be ditching the old one altogether (it wasn't that great). I just installed the Android version of the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tworks.thermoworks_app If you can't find the IOS version from the App store I can get the link to it or I imagine if you email the link below you'll get it as well. Offhand it looks really slick but I just installed it. For people who want to test it out and comment they can send feedback to apps@thermoworks.com A new firmware is supposed to be released very soon as well. I ended up getting the Signals/Billows initially since I knew the hardware would be solid and figured they have the resources to update the app, add a website etc.. Looks like all that is coming about now. Here's a screenshot of the dashboard on the website and a screen shot of some options from the dashboard view on the website. Current graph on the phone app is a placeholder will eventually be similar to website graph.
  9. They addressed that issue and it kind of works but overshoots a bit. They should tighten up the open lid algorithm. I have the Billows and it works pretty good after using it quite a few times. It's still a bit buggy software wise. Not as many bells and whistles as the competitors either. It's pretty bare bones as a temperature controller goes. But...... The Signals is really nice and I often use that when I'm doing shorter cooks. If I were just going to get a temp controller I'd probably get something else but with Signals/Billows you're getting a temp controller and an awesome temp monitor so something to consider.
  10. I meant if I lose wifi connection with my phone. When it reconnects to wifi it should seamlessly reconnect to the current session on the cloud. Same with the Signals. If it loses wifi when it gets a connection again it should reconnect to my account on the cloud. Forcing the app to quit or logging out and back in on my phone would be needed. A few times had to restart the signals. Happened with Bluetooth as well. If I left the house sometimes I'd come back and bluetooth wouldn't reconnect without me restarting Signals. But with this latest update I haven't had those issues. It looks like it's able to properly sync up with the current cloud session as it should. Just tested out the open lid functionality with a chicken last night and can confirm it's in place and works pretty well. They might want to tweak it a bit though but it's fine. When you open the lid the fan may turn on for a second until the temp gets low enough for the open lid algorithm to kick in (not an issue) since it turns off really quickly. When you close the lid it doesn't turn on again immediately but does after about a minute (maybe a bit less). Not full blown but billowing (hence the name). They could probably have it wait longer to do that since it takes longer than a minute for the kamado to naturally climb back up to temp. The result is it billows up to set temp (lets say 250) but there may be a 10 degree carry over so the fan shuts off at 250, it will climb to 260 or so and then gradually come back down to 250 in around 10 minutes. That's not really a big deal at all but seems like it wouldn't be hard to improve that a little bit. Here's the data from the cook attached, pretty much tells the story. I started the fire at the front to try it out since it seems that when I light it in the center it burns towards the back when using billows. Lighting in the front seems like maybe the temp wasn't quite as stable but still plenty good. Probably go back to lighting in the center though. Also played around with the temp a bit. Set at 250, put in setup with deflector plates on the middle rack and let it settle in at 250 (opened lid) took out grates and added some sugar maple wood chunks then let it settle in and get a nice smoke going (opened lid) Added chicken put probes in each breast (just because I could) After a bit raised the temp to 325 After a bit raised the temp to 375 billows_chicken.xlsx
  11. The update came out with Wednesday's firmware update so open lid detector is now in. It's been raining so I haven't tested how well it actually works though. I did leave it on at home when I went to work and did a bunch of testing. i.e. getting out of bluetooth range having it automatically reconnect, turn off my wifi, back on, saving graphs while it runs etc.. Software seems much more stable now. I've used the billows several times and it's kept temperatures extremely stable. Did cooks in the 225 range and in the 350 range as well. Kept it rock steady within a few degrees and knocked temp up quite a few times. Longest cook was a low and slow chuck for about 10 hours. I screwed an alligator clip on the temp sensor and attach it to the end of the dome thermometer. temp reads the same as the dome. The big problem I had was the software was real glitchy. If you saved a graph during a cook it would cause problems. As well loosing wifi by going somewhere and coming back would sometimes confuse it. Worst situation was saving a graph and having the Signals freeze up at a lower temperature than the set temp so the fan just kept blowing. I was home so caught it fortunately but it would have kept going full bore. Called customer service for that and they exchanged my Signals even though I think it had nothing to do with the Signals and everything to do with the Software. I found for low and slow just barely opening the top vent allowed it to keep the temps rock solid. Whenever I opened the lid I unplugged the fan (which is kind of goofy) but apparently that won't be needed anymore. If this latest software update works this is a really nice unit. Solidly build. Rock steady temps. Doesn't have a web interface or a lot of fancy options for cooks but for simply keeping temps along with a very nice temp unit (Signals) I think it will be great.The software was most definitely not ready for prime time when I bought it. When I test it out with some long cooks I'll update if they seemed to work out the kinks but from fiddling with it for a day it definitely seems much better. I got it based on the build quality and company reputation figuring they'd fix any software issues. We'll see
  12. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered it before I saw this. I got it just because I've always had good luck with Thermoworks products and figured at least the Signals is a top notch unit. Software can always be improved and they have the resources to improve that. I bet the open lid issue will be dealt with soon. It is a high powered fan and if it's really not variable it might be hard to program around that, we'll see. In regards to your temp sensor issue though I have a great solution. I also have a Thermoworks smoke and I just bought an alligator clip at the hardware store that has a screw that attaches to the probe end. Works great! It came in a pack of 5 so if you pm me your address I can send you one. I clip it perpendicular to the dome thermometer about half way up if I'm cooking something on the larger side so it doesn't hang down and touch the food.
  13. In regards to the Billows was your assessment pretty recent? I see they've come out with various adapters now (i.e. one specifically for Kamado Joe). It seems like some more recent reviews have been positive for this product. I'm really curious since I'm looking for a temperature controller and have had really good experience with Thermoworks products. Assuming they'll enhance the software side. One thing that does give me pause is that it's a pretty strong blower (looks to be the strongest out there) but it's not variable so when it's on it'll be cranking some serious wind.
  14. Yeah, I looked and saw that. Strange that it's been popular enough to hang around so long. I don't like to have single use things that wouldn't be used very much and a real heavy cast iron pan to make corn shaped bread would definitely fit the "not heavily used" and "cumbersome" bill. LOL
  15. This looks kind of interesting? Wonder if this was ever a common thing. Kind of weird. Actually just looked it up. I guess corn shaped cast iron is pretty common. Wonder why? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/atq/d/newark-vintage-27-cast-iron-corn-shaped/6833885833.html
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