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  1. Haven't done a whole lot of ribs on the Kamado since I've had it but loved the result of these. Had a real nice bite. Super moist. Kept it simple. I like this brand of ribs. Nice and meaty and not previously frozen. Went with Lazzari mesquite charcoal (common in the bay area). I haven't used it in a while but have to say it was better than I remembered. Hadn't used it in years. Very nice size pieces and consistent burn. Mesquite was not overpowering in the slightest (since it's carbonized into charcoal I supposed not that surprising although I was worried it might be harsh). Added about 4 chunks of cherry. Put a pan beneath to catch the drippings but no water. Used water last time but think for ribs it's perhaps a mistake in a kamado. Enough humidity without it. Used a pretty straight forward rub of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, brown sugar. Put the rub on as the Kamado came up to temp. I don't find putting the dry rub on hours before makes much of a difference with ribs. brought up to temp and sprinkled some more brown sugar on when I put it on the grill. Cooked at a slightly high temp (around 270 measured at the grate) until I got the color I liked (around 3 1/2 hours). Wrapped them in tinfoil after adding a bit more of the rub, brown sugar and Lee Roy's dippin sauce, and a tad bit of vinegar and put back on for about and hour and half. Unwrapped an put back on the grill. After about 30 minutes added some more lee roy's finishing sauce and let it go for another 30 minutes or so. Let it rest for a few minutes and gave the whole thing to my dog. Not really but I think that's how my dog thought it was going to play out by the way he was casing the joint.
  2. helliger

    iKamand v2

    Thanks. The nice thing about apps and websites etc.. is they can be made vastly better and as long as the physical unit (in this case the temp controller) works good your purchase gets better through time due to app and website additions etc...
  3. helliger

    iKamand v2

    O Ahh see that now. I think you reviewed the flame boss. Does the KJ app and unit compare favorably?
  4. helliger

    iKamand v2

    Does it have a comparable web interface to some of the other units out there like Flame Boss and Smobot? thanks
  5. helliger

    My cheap pizza stone broke

    I have one of those and can attest to it being unbreakable. I have had a bit of a struggle getting the bottom not to burn before the top is done in a Kamado though. Haven't tried a standard style pizza stone to compare against. To get it to work right I have to make sure not to cook at too hot a temperature. More like 500 and below.
  6. helliger

    iKamand Problems

    I just called Kamado Joe and asked. I was told there's a newer version coming out in March or April. I'm kind of interested in something like this for overnight cooks which I usually do for long cooks. Usually the temps stay really stable but something like this is pretty cool for guaranteeing a good nights sleep. I like to eat heavy foods earlier in the day personally
  7. helliger

    Lump Charcoal

    Let me know what you think. Curious if it's just the batches that are ending up where I live or if they've upped their game. I've read a lot of people saying excessive ash, short burn time etc but those all seem to be older reviews. I've had the complete opposite experience but have only been buying it within the last 5 months or so.
  8. helliger

    Lump Charcoal

    I've had real bad luck with Royal Oak lately. Not sure if it's just the way the Home Depot near me has been handling them but seems like over 50% of the bags I get are nothing but small pieces. The latest bag was the worst yet. Almost the whole bag was small pieces. like 1 to 2 inch pieces. Maybe they drop it onto the truck out of a third story window or something??? They sell it for $9.99 for a 15 pound bag but 15 pounds of not good is a bummer. I know there's been mixed reviews on Cowboy but all the Cowboy lump I've bought lately has been great. A lot of nice large chunks. Super long and consistent burn times with very little ash. Haven't had experience with earlier incarnations but every bag I've bought within the last half year has been nice and consistent. Smoked a pork butt for around 12 hours and there was still a ton of charcoal left (like 2 thirds). Held temp rock steady too. Not sure if they've upped their game or just some really good batches going out for whatever reason but so far so good. Also tried some American Frontier (the one that got good reviews on Naked Whiz). It was pretty decent but the Cowboy was much better. There's a company out here called Lazarus that you see everywhere but it's mesquite. Nothing against mesquite but a little intense for longer cooks. I think I'll order some of that Kamado Joe Big Block and see how I like it. It's real pricey though. Looks like $30 for a 20 pound bag is the going rate. Anyone know if there's a way to get it a bit cheaper online somewhere?
  9. helliger

    Classic I Sale - Good Deal?

    I got a Classic 1 from Amazon on sale (was $695) and it had the new style firebox as well (which I think is the best upgrade design point for the II). The new style gasket looks nice as well but I'll just buy one of those when the current one needs replacing. Air hinge seems kind of complicated to solve a problem that I don't think exists. The lid (at least on the large KJ) isn't heavy at all and I don't know why I'd need to keep the lid 1/4 open. Maybe there's some other advantage I'm not aware of to the air hinge though?? I'm not sure about the new control tower. It's nice to not have rain come in but I just put a charcoal starter with a bowl on top over it and works fine for that. I heard the paint had pealed on a lot of the new control towers but they may have fixed that. I bet they have. I know you can buy those new control towers but I don't think they fit precisely on the Classic 1 without adding a thicker gasket around the vent hole. The daisy wheel kind of has a charm to it even though I usually have to hit it with something during a cook because it gets stiff after a few hours of cooking.
  10. helliger

    Non-Super Bowl

    Impressive bacon wrapping there! Bet you could weave one hell of a rug!
  11. helliger

    Huge ribeye well done - ha

    Looks super tasty!! Have you ever tried cooking frozen steaks without defrosting them first? argument for not thawing before cooking. https://www.bustle.com/articles/34922-want-the-best-steak-of-your-life-dont-thaw-the-steaks-before-cooking-them Different style obviously than grilling but I think the same principle holds true. I actually tried it with a frozen steak and have to say it didn't have the same consistency that thawed steaks have. I don't buy bulk amounts of steaks so rarely cook frozen steaks but I have to say cooking frozen tasted better to me than thawing them first. Although hey, it's a killer looking rib eye so splitting hairs but that's what forums are for right? I reversed seared. cooked at 220 until it comes to about 110. take it off and get the Kamado really hot. while it's cranking up the steak temp continues to rise to 120 or 125 while it's resting. when it drops back down to around 115 I sear em on the lower grate a minute or two one each side. Let it rest and it ends up right around 130/135
  12. hmm, replied before I read these latest responses. That sounds like it would work great. Just gotta make ultra sure the ash is completely out. I live in California with a bunch of vegetation around me so the neighbors would probably get a little angry if I lit the hill on fire. I usually blame everything on the dog but that might be a hard sell.
  13. thanks for the responses. I think the reason (actually I know the reason) I'm getting more ash inside the bottom part is because I've been shaking the Kick Ash Basket inside the kamado which is sort of making the ash go everywhere so it doesn't fall down cleanly into the removable ash basket. I think I'll shake it somewhere else instead and just take it apart a few time a year to clean. Was thinking maybe there was some easy way to remove the insert for the ash basket liner that I was missing but it sounds like taking the box apart is what needs to happen to really get in there.
  14. Anyone with the newer style Kamado Joe's have a slick way to clean out the ash from the bottom of the Kamado Joe without having to take the fire box apart? On mine the metal frame that the removable ash drawer sits in can't be removed without taking the firebox apart and I can see a bunch of ash falls into the cracks on the side of the frame. I took the firebox apart and there was quite a bit of ash down there. Would be nice to be able to clean that without taking the firebox apart. I'm guessing the answer is no but maybe someone's found a trick?
  15. helliger

    Flame Boss 400

    mmm, I meant to search for "flame boss 100" but put is as a post by mistake and can't delete it. At least it's in a thread about temperature controllers.